6 Common thoughts that new mothers have at night

New mom sleeping with kid

Which of these thoughts have you had before?

Being a new mother doesn't only come with a lot of responsibilities, it also comes with a lot of interesting, and sometimes worrying thoughts that can happen at weird hours.

It's normal to be paranoid when it comes to your baby, especially if you're a new mum. However, it's still funny to think about how irrational those fears can be. It just goes to show how worried all mothers are when it comes to their little ones.

Here are just a few of the thoughts that new mums have at midnight:

1. Oh NO! I fell asleep, I hope my baby is still OKAY...
2. Should I change my baby's diaper? HMM, It's just a little pee anyway...
3.HMM, The baby's too quiet, I might need to check on him/her
4. Now the baby's making weird noises, I really have to check on her/him...
5. EWW, Something stinks. OH wait, I haven't bathed in a while...
6. AWW, I just love this cute little bundle of joy!
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