Enjoy every single day of your great life. See why!

Happy woman
Why so serious?

Life, in its entirety, is meant to be enjoyed not endured. A lot of people go through life with the battle-esque mindset and we treat daily interactions like it is war; no thanks to what Nollywood has done to our psyche. The beauty of life is seeing the beauty in everything about life, I know not everyone has it rosy but there is still always a reason to be happy. Always seek that reason.

There is more to life than we seem to know, there is an immense depth of happiness waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Some have long lost the purpose of living, some don’t even keep pets anymore. I miss my dog. Some live for the money and when it dries up, we become a pathetic specimen of what they used to be. Money is not as evil as fear; fear robs us of many things including those little moments that could make us smile. If you’re not happy with your life, you can change it: Today.

Enjoy every single day of your great life. Take time to relax, everyone needs it sometimes; close your eyes, breathe the air again. Take walks with your pets or loved ones and look around you; enjoy the wild outdoors, you will see amazing things; you will see the world smiling back at you. Watch children play, it has the capacity to make even the bluest day bright.

For the sake of sanity, visit your family. I know a lot of people who do not do this because of all the wrong reasons yet to enter the books. Visit them, you will make them happy; we tend to forget that while we are busy growing up, our parents are growing old. Do something for your body, sports, and healthy feeding would do just fine. The most basic beliefs are not in themselves true, our thinking makes them true in our experience, therefore do not be afraid to dream big, if you believe, it can become true. Remember, your thoughts become things.

I once heard that music destroys the beautiful art of poetry, yet music remains one of the most supreme expressions of life. Listen to music, it gives life and lifts your mood. Be positive, be honest. If you see anyone without a smile, give them one of yours. It’s your life, enjoy the beauty of whatever you seduce, and learn to put love into everything you do. Accept yourself and love yourself; remember that happiness is not an external status, it’s an internal state.

Cherish every moment, every time you see a loved could be the last time you will. Remember that and treasure every passing second. It’s ok to cry. Soon the ‘whys’ and the reasons will be gone and all that will be left is the feeling. Forgive those that are yet to do you wrong, that way you won’t have to worry about it should it happen.
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