You both have been dating for a few weeks, everything seems to be going well. He is yet to make any long-term commitment and you might just be wondering why you should learn how to break up? No one plans that this lovely relationship that has gone on for a while will end one day but strange things happen.

When your relationship begins to go south and all those strong feelings turn sour, it’s tough to pretend that all is well. At the least, you now know what to do if that happens. Don’t cry over spilled milk, if the relationship isn’t working, just cut loose and move on, it’s better to break up and have your peace than struggle to make it work and be stuck getting married to the wrong guy,

A sign that you both are matured is being able to go your separate ways, you may never be friends but at least you aren’t enemies. You’ve heard it said ever so often, ‘never say never’, don’t shut the door completely just in the event things turn around again. If your relationship isn’t progressing and you’re fed up with going round in circles, then:

Be Honest And Open 

Many ladies just want to be seen to be in a relationship whether it’s working or not. Be true to yourself, you don’t need a rocket scientist or a wailing prophet to tell you that your relationship is heading nowhere. It’s one thing to admit the truth, it’s another to sell it to someone else. Don’t get stuck year after year with someone who’s got no plans apart from tossing a few gifts at you every now and then besides parading you as a trophy date. You want more than that in a relationship and if you’re not getting it, it’s time to speak up. Don’t mince words and don’t settle for less, let him know your heart’s true position. There will be a good amount of anger and hurt while you state your case but remain calm and focused. Choose your words wisely and manage your emotions so you don’t regret later

Break Up During A Face To Face Meeting

Many times just before a break-up, everyone is angry and hurt. The easiest thing to do is sent a text or make a frantic call to tell the other person the bad news. It’s even worse when another person is asked to deliver the horrible message. The best form of communication is face to face, this should be used before considering any other method. For a few people they may be in different countries and getting together for a meeting may be impractical. You need some sort of closure to this relationship and agreeing to speak together will help both parties speak and move on together, no one’s wondering why what happened.

Do Not Blame The Other Party

It’s easy to think you are right and he is wrong. It’s fair enough to feel bad but blaming the other party for the relationship not working isn’t the best thing. You’ve got things he’s done to you that you dislike, he’s got his list too unless you are an angel. Depending on his temperament, most guys may not apologize or accept that they are wrong. Most times we hold on to unforgiveness and bitterness because we are waiting and continue to wait for that apology that may never come. Even when we say we’ve moved on, someone comes along and makes mention of him or your past relationship and you go on and on about what he didn’t do and what he should have done. There you can clearly see you haven’t really moved on. Accept the hard truth that you guys were for each other and don’t blame yourself either for not making things work.

Allow Him Vent His Emotions

If you are initiating the break-up, he will be very angry but what do expect? He thought he’ll be keeping you for the long haul, now it’s heartbreaking to see you go to someone else he thinks doesn’t deserve you. Allow him to vent his anger, he might say things you don’t agree with or aren’t true but stay calm and quiet. Don’t interrupt or try to prove a point, after all, you’re going your separate ways. Some ladies can’t stand being talked down to or even being shouted at. If you can’t bear up with lots of these emotions, kindly ask that you reschedule this session. You can’t control his emotions but you can control yours.

Don’t Rush The Healing Process

Depending on how much you’ve given away during the period of the relationship. Most ladies feel very awkward each time when they break up with a guy they have slept with. It’s a myth and a deceptive ploy by most guys that you’ll get married to them if you allow them in your bed. Accept the fact that you have lost it and you can’t get it back but at the least, you are now wiser. Don’t assume he knows you are hurt. Let him know in clear terms that you feel really bad about everything. It’s not a time for a pity party to ask him to reconsider dating you again especially if he was the one initiating the break-up. Some ladies break up but still track their exes, it’s time to disengage on social media and move on. If you don’t completely heal, you’d carry with you baggage into the next relationship which will begin to hunt you
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