Housemaids can be a blessing or a curse

The word housemaids means different things to each individual – some like the idea of it, while others don’t.

House help, to others means home-destroyer, husband snatcher or evil to many women; while they are really seen as an essential help in other homes.

Daily, we hear stories of the evil things these maids do – how they maltreat kids kept under their care and perpetuate all manner of vices in the home. It could really be scary having one but having one can also be a blessing.

Like everything in life, the idea of having a housemaid has its good, bad and ugly side.

So let us begin with the good side;

Career women need all the support they can get to balance work and family life. So this is where the maid comes in as essentially handy.

They help relieve stress and make things alot easier around the home.

An educated one is a plus; she could serve as a home tutor for your kids too when you are not around.

A good housemaid is also blessing. They can teach your kids good habits and the right values since they spend the most time with them during the day.

Now to the the bad and the ugly side;

As humans different things could compromise us.

Some Housemaids can easily be tempted maybe through material things.

They could be used as tools to perpetuate evil in your homes like stealing, kidnapping and murder.

We also know some engage in extramarital affairs with their bosses, but we there are disciplined ones.

One other bad side is that they encourage laziness and complacency.

Since they do virtually everything, some bosses do nothing at home. Some women forget their responsibilities and leave the maids to do intimate things like, serve their husband’s food daily. Thereby making the man become fond of the house help.

Some women leave the total care of their kids in the hands of their house help. It is also wrong. Get involved in the upbringing of your kids, you are the one responsible for training them.

Sexual abuse is prevalent in homes today because some housemaids are paedophiles. They sexually assault kids, threaten such ones and because some parents have no time for their kids these acts go unnoticed, until it’s too late.

It is advisable for every household to treat their housemaids well, but it doesn’t stop the worst from happening.

It is also important for all to shun the hiring of underaged workers.

Trusting your maid is a risk you can take. We can’t deny the fact they are very useful but some of their bad habits should not be tolerated. You need to be observant.

The bottom line is housemaids can be a blessing or a curse.
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