How to Make Plantain Pancake

Plantain Pancake

Plantain pancakes – These are ultimate comfort food made from plantains and a few other ingredients. They are very light and tender almost like the French crepes. However, the process involved in making these pancakes are not as intimidating as that of the French crepes.


Plantain Pancakes- Rich, tender, & delicious Soft, Tender, Rich Plantain Pancakes, like pancakes but with a sweet plantain taste. Good for Breakfast or make it for dessert with coconut sauce.


☛1 large ripe or overripe Plantain
☛2 Eggs
☛¹/₄ Cup Flour
☛1 Tbsp butter or oil
☛¹/₄ Tsp nutmeg
☛¹/₄ Tsp baking powder
☛2 to 4 Tbsp Milk
☛¹/₈ Tsp Salt


⏩Peel the plantain and cut them into slices or little chunks. Place the slices in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.
⏩Add all the other ingredients and blend until smooth and lump free
⏩Heat a skillet/frying pan on a medium heat. Brush with a little bit of oil and once it becomes hot, pour the batter about a quarter cup at a time.
⏩Let it cook for few seconds to a minute until it begins to hold up just like the regular pancake
⏩Flip to the other side and cook for few more seconds
⏩Repeat the process with the remaining batter
⏩Serve with honey, maple syrup or whatever topping you prefer. Enjoy!


➤Cutting up the plantain into small slices or pieces will make it really easy for the blender to blend it up
➤Adding butter or oil makes the pancakes softer
➤The baking powder will make it a little fluffier
➤Feel free to add other spices or flavors like Cinnamon, Ginger or vanilla. Comes out really nice!
➤Use a griddle (I don’t have one) or a heavy bottom pan (this is what I used) to prevent your pancakes from getting burned or sticky
➤Don’t increase the heat to make them cook faster because they burn. keep an eye on them!
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