Is there really cure/treatment for stretch marks? Find out!

Stretch marks

I am a mother of 3 kids. I saw my stretchmarks each as a symbol of strength and motherhood. Apart from this, I still like my sexy figure. I didn’t add much weight, flat tummy, and no abs. Hubby loves me so much for this. Sometimes when he looks at me, he says one can’t tell that I’ve had a kid, let alone 3 but his problems are with my stretch marks.

He didn’t use to complain before, but these days, it’s really getting out of hand and I’m beginning to feel intimidated. I have a slight mark on my tummy, but the whole of my breasts are covered by stretch marks and also on my thighs. I’m less concerned as long as I appear neat always but he complains and not helping me. I told him there’s nothing I can do to them as I didn’t have them when we were courting. They all showed up during my first pregnancy. Please, mamas has anyone been in my shoes before, how do you not bother about these marks and is there really a cure for it? I’ve used a whole lot of treatment on the ones on my thighs but they are still there.

Help, please. I don’t want to lose my confidence with my husband because of this. You know Men.

Stretch marks can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing especially to people who are conscious of their body appearances. Here is how to fast and natural ways to get rid of and prevent stretch marks.
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