Using Expired Makeup Increases the Risk of Damaging Your Skin

Makeup Products

Ladies are you aware that just like food, drinks, and every perishable produce that expires makeup also have expiration dates? I am one of those ladies who never pays attention to expiration or best-before dates on a product so how would I pay attention to an expiration date when it comes to makeup?

Throwing away makeup after it is expired and is not finished can be very painful because you paid good money for it.

Did you know that by keeping out of date makeup, we are increasing the risk of damaging our skin?

Expired makeup can cause skin irritation, rashes, dry skin, pimples, and even eye infections so let do the right thing and give our makeup bag a little spring cleaning!

I’m no makeup expiration expert but always look at the back of your products to check for the expiration dates, they usually have what looks like a little open container on it and will say “3M”, “6M”, “24M” etc. ,that’s what you should be following when tossing your make up! Most of the time we use up all our make up before it expires but if it expires before it finishes please throw them away. I know it is a waste but think of your skin.
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