Why Falling In-love After 30 is Awesome for Women

Woman In-love After 30

At the age of thirty, you could possibly start to fret, you start asking questions regarding why you are still single. You begin to feel like you might never get to find the right man for you or that love is not just for you. All these feelings are normal and are just natural reactions – the type that we could get when the pizza man delivers late, yes maybe a bit more serious. But the fact remains that things at that age are not unsolvable. In fact, you might find that loving at after 30 can prove to have more advantages for you than disadvantages. You still don’t believe me? OK let me share my story, I was the saucy but cute young girl who was going to be a graduate at the age of 20. My plan was after I graduate, I work and get myself together for two years within which my ‘Samson-with-a-brighter-future’ will come, sweep me up in his arms, and in my third year after graduation carry me down the aisle. I don’t have to go around it too much; I guess you already know that did not happen. The mistake that I made however was I spent too much time blaming life for all the inconsistencies that it brought my way, so much that I forgot to blame myself for the little mistakes that I made.

For things to have taken that long, you would agree with me that you must have had your part in it, but it’s even sweeter after 30 because you have the chance to make it better. The mistake could have been that of choice, of character, of approach, worldview, and orientation regarding the relationship. These shortcomings might have in some way contributed to the failure of past relationship but given your experiences, you are most likely to have learned from them and also to have outgrown some of the misconceptions you held on to at that time. Your more exposed and enlightened self at thirty would definitely do it right. There are other positive sides to loving after thirty and they would be discussed briefly in the paragraphs below.


The type of choices that we make at initial stages of our life might be threatened by the weight of our naivety. Being new to the real ‘lady’ world, you tend to make choices that sometimes are not logically comprehensible. You might find yourself getting in relationships for the wrong reasons, or putting your efforts into the types of relationships that are not worth. This condition is a normal one given your level of experience. But at the age of thirty, you must have seen enough to last you a tale of a lifetime and the quality of your choices must have been beaten into shape because of these things that you have faced. Therefore, when you choose a man at such age, you are sure of what you want and cannot be easily swindled into making regrettable decisions. You have learned your stand and also learned how to do what’s best for you.


How you react to men and tell how seriously they take you. There is definitely a huge difference between boys and men. And at age 30, your composure, elegance, and poise will only attract the type of people that are serious-minded. At this age, you have heard enough of the ‘I can’t do without you’ storyline that it takes more to convince you or win your attention. The way you relate and the class that your countenance will portray puts you in a respectable position in your affiliation with anybody, no matter how high they may think of themselves. It is very hard for a lady at 30 to be caught with a visionless person who’s still trying to find their way. A lady at 30 has moved from boys to men.


If you ask me I think every lady should just wait till they’re 30, err… maybe they shouldn’t. But it is an undeniable fact is that at such a stage in your life, you have learned to accept that Cinderella is a fairy tale and that Prince Charming is a dream. You are not in any way myopic in your view and definition of a true man. Rather your focus is on the tangibility of his dreams, the quality of his effort, and the possibility of attainment. Your approach to his reasons for wanting you is at this stage more critical than just emotional.


The guy has money, so? I own a chain of hotels, beauty salons, and fashion houses. Yea, that sounds like a good thing to say, I agree. This is most likely the kind of response you get from a lady at thirty when you start bringing in finances as a factor in her relationship. A lady that is financially stable and convenient on her own finds it easy to keep her heads up high. Also getting in a relationship with that kind of profile is very healthy for both you and your partner because both persons are able to take responsibilities for their personal expenses, and in cases where you need to join forces, both sides can contribute effectively to whatever needs to be done.

The very important thing that is tied to falling in love at such a matured age is also that you make your choice and whoever that is; you make positive and consistent effort to hold on tightly to your choice. You understand the ups and downs of a relationship more than a younger person would and you know better about how to sort your issues. At that point you do not easily give up on your loved ones just because you have temporary differences, instead, you learn, with maturity, how to love your man.
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