Why I Will Never Date a Fat Person Again

Overweight lady

I lost 50kgs. I feel better, my skin is clear, and I enjoy working out. When I was fat I felt like shit and doing minimum exercise would make my muscles hurt. I dated people who were either fat or ridiculously skinny and unfit.

Often I would prefer to stay home all day and do absolutely nothing, the sex was horrible since I felt gross and the body stuff was awkward as fuck. After losing weight I feel a thousand times better about myself and I find a lot of fat people are mega miserable to be around.

I get hit on a lot more by people now and I think my mentality is better, basically when I was fat I would have people shout stuff at me from cars, once had someone burp on me, had my eating habits mocked in public, was mocked by customer service and retail people like purposely giving me food I didn't want and trying to force me wear clothes way too big for me when I never asked them to help me find clothes by "accident", at a workplace I once had a manager tell me I was "too fat", I was bullied, etc. Often I just didn't do anything because I was just depressed and felt too insecure about it.

Since losing weight I've had hardly any problems with people and I think it's because I stand better and walk with my head high, also if someone tries to be nasty I immediately turn around and tell them off. I am no longer an easy target.

I also think I didn't lose 50kgs to date a fat or unhealthy person. I look better, feel better, have a better range of clothing, and exercise for an hour a day while working 10 hours on my feet. I wouldn't be able to stand next to someone who doesn't want to workout or at least just go for a walk. People think I'm narcissistic for not wanting to date fat people because I was fat before. But why would I want to improve myself to have a fat person hanging off my arm? Not a lot of fat people actually like dating other fat people either, a lot of them want a slim healthy SO while being blobs themselves. Some of them think I will be more "understanding" because I was fat in the past so I should/would give them a better chance. Personally, I find that insulting due to I know if I had that extra 50kgs they wouldn't even look at me but expect me to give them a "chance" now.
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