A glass of apple juice a day might keep the doctor away

Apple juice
When you’re striving for a healthy lifestyle, most of us know that good H₂O is your best friend. Drinking glass after glass of water is certainly beneficial for your health, but it can get a little boring after a while. If you’re looking for a drink with a little more flavor and packed with vitamins and nutrients, you can’t go wrong with apple juice.

From immediate effects such as aiding in digestion and improving skin quality, all the way to long-term benefits like prevention of cancer and heart disease, the list of apple juice benefits goes on and on. I’ve started adding some apple juice to my daily routine, I do believe that a glass of apple juice a day might keep the doctor away!

Apple juice is so refreshing and rich in many nutrients. It provides nutrients important for immunity, healing, healthy skin, improves digestion and many more.

Don’t run out and grab a gallon of store-bought apple juice quite so fast. If you want to maximize your apple juice benefits, you should be making it yourself.

What you need:
☛Fresh apples

➲NOTE: By using a juicer to make your own apple juice, you’ll be squeezing the nutrition from the apple’s skin and pulp while avoiding the added sugar found in most commercially processed juices.

How to juice those apples:

Rinse the apples and cut into small slices
Make sure you wash your apples thoroughly and cut them into small slices. Feed the sliced apples into the feeding tube and juice them.

Benefits of Apple Juice 

Here are some of the health benefits of Apple juice that you need to know about if you wish to lead a healthy and fit life.

Enhances skin

In today’s world due to pollution and stress, the skin takes a beating. Scars, blemishes, breakouts, premature aging, and freckles are some of the common problems we face today. Even though there are many creams and medicines to take care of them but there is nothing like going natural. Eating Apples and drinking juice not only does wonders to the skin but also brings back the lost glow. Apple juice is highly beneficial for the skin and can also be used in many home remedies to helps treat problems like itching, wrinkles and acne. Raw Apple juice is loaded with vitamin C and hence it keeps the outer layer of skin glowing and fresh. It also helps to relieve pigmentation problems. Apple juice when applied on the skin also helps in lightening dark spots. Also, the antioxidant property of orange juice helps to stimulate the growth of healthy cells that prevent tissue damage and enhance collagen and skin elasticity.

Aids weight control

Apple juice is in low in calories and hence it helps in maintaining weight management. It not only hydrates but as it is low in sodium it helps to release excess water retained in the body. It also prevents water retention and swelling. it gives a feeling of fullness in the stomach and hence prevents one from overeating. It is said to be a best snack post-workout. It is also beneficial in detoxification by flushing out excess toxins, which further helps in weight control. Medical researchers have proved that during detoxification with Apple juice, even the internal cells are healed and rejuvenated. It also aids bone strength while doing an excess workouts.

Aids a healthy heart

As mentioned earlier, Apple juice is loaded with antioxidants, which are magic for the heart. It also has many biochemical compounds like flavonoids and polyphenols which are known to promote heart health to a great extent. Potassium is also found in abundance in Apple juice and is said to be in charge of heart’s electrical activity, supervising the acid-base ratio. Those who drink Apple juice regularly are said to be fit & healthy.. The juice’s regular consumption also helps prevent the hardening of arteries which ensures smooth blood flow to the heart. Apple juice is also said to be useful in managing cholesterol levels.. A moderate intake of Apple juice as the power to mostly help get one rid of most heart ailments. Phytonutrients in Apple juice act as antioxidants against low-density lipoproteins which cuts through most of the cholesterols and ensures heart functions properly. Eating Apples are also said to reduce risk of coronary artery disease to a considerable amount.

Keeps liver healthy

A fatty liver can cause a lot of problems. Thus, it is very important to ensure that the liver functions smoothly, as it can misbalance other parameters of the body as well. It also maintains the pH level of the body which makes sure that the liver is functioning properly. Hence, it is very important to regularly drink Apple juice if you want a healthy liver. Apples contain pectin which ensures a good digestion and cleanses the liver also regularly. Also, the malic acid in Apple juice is said to soften the gallstones that cause pain in the liver. These stones are thereafter flushed out easily from the liver.

Cures constipation

Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of greasy and fast food and increased stress levels, many individuals face the problem of constipation. This also leads to many other stomach and digestion-related ailments which if not treated in time can be quite fatal. Hence it is very important to take constipation seriously and work towards eliminating it. It is very important to take a healthy diet daily, which is filled with fruits and vegetables. Fruits like Apples are full of fiber, which helps to relieve constipation permanently. Apple juice helps in extracting water from the large intestine into the colon that helps in the easy passing of stools. Apples are also known to be natural laxatives and hence their regular consumption can help one get relieved of constipation. Apple juice when consumed daily helps in flushing out toxins and ensures smooth stools.

Good for diabetes

One of the fastest-growing diseases today is type II diabetes which can be prevented to a great extent by consuming Apple juice regularly. Phytochemicals present in Apples regulate the blood sugar levels keeping them in check. More insulin is secreted in the pancreas and beta cells are stimulated helping in the absorption of glucose, keeping the system intact. Green Apples are said to be beneficial for diabetics and its juice can keep the problem in check. Green Apples are full of fiber content which is very important for a diabetes patient.

Hydrates the body

According to health experts, a human body on an average needs at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to maintain balance. But for those living in warmer areas, this amount may even be less and hence one needs other nutritional fluids as well to keep up the parameters. Apple juice is the best addition to one’s fluid requirement as it not just fills the body but also gives an instant energy boost.

Keeps Brain Healthy 

Cases of neurological disorders are raising fast and so scientists and medical practitioners have observed that antioxidants in Apples are good for boosting brainpower. According to studies, consumption of Apple juice benefits in increasing the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which boosts memory. These chemicals are released from nerve cells and they transmit message to other cells, forming a communication network that projects the brain is in good health. Thus, it is very important that children should consume Apple juice regularly in order to keep the brain healthy and vigorous.

Prevents anemia

It is a well-known fact that Apples are a rich source of iron. The deficiency of iron in the human body causes anemia which is prevalent in children and women. Thus, it is very important to consume Apples and its juice in order to get rid of the deficiency as it leads to many other problems. Anemia basically is the shortage of hemoglobin in blood which can easily be fixed by regulating the intake of iron in daily diet. Hemoglobin regulates the formation of red blood cells which indicate the overall health of the body. And an anemic person is also weak and pale and can also suffer from breathing problems. Apple juice helps you to stay fit and healthy. Takes care of teeth and gums

Eating Apples and drinking its juice works wonders for teeth and gums. It also reduces cavities, plaque, and tar formation in teeth. The fiber present in Apples helps cleaning the teeth and anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties help in keeping the bacteria and other infections at bay. Apple juice stimulates saliva which is healing in nature by helping cure mouth ulcers. The bacterial growth is fastest in our mouth, and drinking Apple juice can make sure that it doesn’t multiply.

Improves vision

Apple juice is very good for our health, but it is very important to use it the right way. Apple juice can either be consumed as it is or mixed with various other vegetables and fruits to give a new taste. It is very easy to take out fresh Apple juice, even when one does not own a juicer at home. Here are a few steps you can follow in order to prepare your glass of health shot.
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