The holy month of Ramadan has now concluded and it is time to celebrate and rejoice with Eid. We wish you all great health and everlasting blessings.

Eid Mubarak is a special day not only because Emak and the family forgive each other and spend time together. During this holiday, you will do all the things that you like day and night. The best thing of all, you are supported by a lot of delicious food and cookies since it is Eid Day! Wow, that is going to be an unforgettable experience for you, Mak. But, wait! When you have many things to do and eat, do not forget that you still need to maintain your health. Getting sick is the last thing you wish to happen on this happy holiday, right? Therefore, follow the tips below to help you stay fit on this special day:

Pay Attention to What You Eat

Eid Mubarak is the day for the family’s food parade. You are going to find various delicacies and cookies. Ketupat, opor ayam, satay, gulai kambing, semur daging and many more that contains a lot of fats. Moreover, the cookies served on the table contribute to the increase in your blood sugar level due to the totally sweet taste that high in sugar. Just mention putri salju, nastar, semprit, and so on. Because it is family time, it is okay if Emak wants to eat together but do not eat too much. Make sure you still control what you eat.

Heartburn warning! 

There’s no need to say this more than once! Consuming too much all at the same time can cause adverse effects to your stomach, heart, and your overall health. Avoid greasy and oily foods straight off the bat. This is your chance to start fresh, get into a healthier diet perspective and allow your body to regenerate with healthy alternatives. Avoid added sugars and lots of caffeine also as they can seriously cause irregular heartbeat and other heart complications.

Drink Enough Water

Various kind of ices and cold drinks are served every Eid Mubarak, and most of them are sweet and fatty as they may contain coconut milk, milk, and so on. Take them all, Mak. Enjoy the day when you have no longer fast. The thing you must remember is, water intake during Eid Mubarak is as equally important as during Ramadan. Therefore, take 2 liters of water per day so that you stay hydrated on this happy day.

Don't Forget to Put on a Healthy Smile! 

Everyone knows that consuming lots of sweets can cause damage and decay to the teeth, so why do we still consume so much? More and more people are switching to alternates to added sugars and this is great news to our smile and overall health. When eating any food, especially sweets, try to freshen up your mouth with some non-sugary gum or better yet, floss whenever you get a chance. This will keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean for your next visit.

Go to Bed Punctually

Sometimes you are just so happy to meet with the whole family that you forget how fast the time goes. You do not even realize that the moon has appeared in the sky and it is the time for you to have a rest. No matter how exciting you are, you should not sleep late at night since lack of sleep will bother your metabolism. There is nothing awesome to gather with your family with black circles under your eyes.

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Gathering with the family and relatives is always exciting. However, don’t let the hectic and happy days make you ignore your health, Mak.


Now that you’re starting fresh with your food and your new healthy lifestyle, you should start regular exercise. Just moving from one house to the next can be considered exercise, actually! Doing some stretching or some yoga poses right before you go to bed can get your body to the relaxed position you need to have a good night’s sleep.

We hope that these tips can help you celebrate Eid in the healthiest way possible. We wish you a wonderful Eid and may you and your family be forever blessed!
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