These fluffy souffle pancakes are the holy grail of pancakes. Why? Because they are super light and tender and impossibly fluffy. I have a feeling once you make pancakes this way you may not go back!

This recipe can be whipped together in minutes!


➲ Milk 30g
➲ 2 large eggs. yolk white separated
➲ Sugar 40g
➲ Salt ¹/₄ Tsp
➲ All-purpose flour 40g
➲ Cornstarch 20g
➲ Baking powder 1tsp
➲ Butter 30g
➲ Vanilla 2tsp

caramel syrup:

➲ ¹/₄ cup sugar
➲ 1 tsp cornstarch


⏩Separate egg whites from yolk carefully so that no yolk goes into the white
⏩Mix egg yolk, milk, salt, and vanilla together
⏩Sift in flour cornstarch and baking powder and mix
⏩Beat egg white and sugar using an electric beater until stiff peak forms
⏩Add ¹/₄ of foam into the yolk batter and mix to make it little thin
⏩Add rest of the foam then fold in carefully
⏩In a well-seasoned pan pour some batter then cover for 5 mins on very low heat
⏩When the top dries up, add some more batter on top
⏩Flip the pancake, cover for 5 more minutes or until done.

For caramel syrup:

⏩Take ¹/₃ cup of sugar in a pan
⏩On medium heat cook until the edges browns
⏩Then add some hot water
⏩Mix and boil until sugar melts completely
⏩Dilute 1 tsp of cornstarch in cool water then add in the boiling sugar
⏩Mix until thickens to your desired consistency

Pour the syrup on top of the pancake and enjoy, add some fruit if you like, it's your pancake go crazy...
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