5 tips to extra gorgeous and glowing skin

Glowing skin

The trick is to let your skin breathe easy in between the really special days so that it glows with its natural beauty and adds more glamour to your look.

Ready to try out these effective and super easy skincare tips? Take a look.

1. Avoid using hot water: If you love taking a hot shower and scrub your face with hot water, stop it right now. Hot water removes the natural oils from your skin and can make it look and feel dry. This means that your makeup may end up looking cakey! Use lukewarm or cool water instead.

2. Leave out the soap: As our skin gets older, it is best to avoid using soap-based cleansers on the face as this can also promote dryness. Instead, use a non-soap cleanser that will be gentle on your skin and will also remove the dirt and any other signs of pollution.

3. Read the label: To find out if your skincare products contain more chemicals or more natural ingredients. Avoid chemical-based products as much as possible, even if they are from the best and biggest brands.

You will be surprised at how some very simple and small brands have really amazing products that are all organic and natural. And not to forget they are really budget-friendly too!

4. Apply a home face mask: Who says you have to spend hours in the parlor to look good even if you don’t have that much time on hand? You can easily apply a home face mask according to your skin type that will give you similar results.

If you have dry skin, you can simply massage your face with a tiny drop of ghee. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and wash off. If you have oily skin, grind rice to a fine or coarse powder, make a paste with rose water and apply. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off.

5. Reduce the number of products: And this is not just during the festive season but on a regular basis. Unless you are really going out for a big event or have an important meeting to attend, try keeping your use of products to a minimum.

This includes makeup as well as skincare products. Honestly, your skin does not need too much to look good, and the more you let it stay natural, the more it will be able to breathe and get healthy.

Mommies, that’s all for now and I am sure you are going to try out at least one of this. Stay happy and look as beautiful as you are!!!! 🙂

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