While you’re breastfeeding, don’t forget to drink enough water

Breastfeeding mom drinking water

The composition of water in breast milk is 88 percent while solid content accounts for the remaining 12 percent and nothing can change these figures. Water has no harmful effects on the body of the mother but rather helps in its functioning.

Lactating mothers need to drink enough water just like any other ordinary man or woman. Otherwise, the breastfeeding mother risks exposing her brain to a lack of oxygen. Water not only cleans the body organs but also acts as a circulation agent.

However, many mothers believe water dilutes breast milk.

Some women also believe that one needs to take a few drops of water before breastfeeding to prevent the milk from coagulating. They believe coagulation can cause the baby to be constipated. 

Others also believe that women should not breastfeed a baby immediately after a long journey - You should not breastfeed a baby just after reaching your home from a trip since, at that time, breast milk is very warm and can cause harmful consequences to the baby.

These beliefs are passed on from one generation to another. 

Contrary to popular belief, moms don’t produce more milk if they drink more fluids, but you may produce less milk if you reduce your liquid intake and even more so if you’re dehydrated. Your baby could become dehydrated as well if he doesn’t have unrestricted access to breast milk due to limited production.

“The nutritional content of the milk might change if you are dehydrated which can lead to adverse health effects for both you and your baby if dehydration lasts for more than one or two days,” says Dr du Plessis.

While breastfeeding your body can be more sensitive to dehydration. Water is a staple for a good health. Discover how much water breastfeeding moms should drink while breastfeeding. 

Independent midwifery consultant, Dr. Diana du Plessis recommends that breastfeeding moms drink between eight and 10 glasses of fluid or water per day to stay hydrated. Not only do nursing moms need the recommended amount of water for adults, but additional liquids are also required to make up for what your body uses in milk production. Good sources of fluids include water, fruit and vegetable juices, milk and soups.
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