Women In Abusive Relationships: Maybe My Story Will Inspire You to Walk Out Now! (PART 1)

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LADIES REPEAT AFTER ME. I am not a rehabilitation center for a badly raised man, it is not my job to fix him, change him, parent him or raise him! I want a partner, not a project!

I deserve respect and love. I am not an object that can be owned, possessed or controlled. I value Me,

When I met my boyfriend, it was love at first sight. I was smitten and believed that he was my soulmate. He was all I wanted in a man. He was charming and treated me like a queen. He became jealous, possessive and abusive. He would get angry when I didn’t report my movements or when I didn’t answer my phone. He became a monster and started calling me names. He would say bad things about me, hit me and later apologize. I would forgive him and things would be back to normal.

I knew that what he was doing was wrong but I was blinded by love. I believed that he loved me. Three years into our relationship, I fell pregnant. This was the happiest time of our lives. It was the beginning of our lives as parents. I believed that this would bring us closer together and change his ways but I was wrong. I thought that this was just one of his episodes and that he would soon calm down. He threatened to leave me and my child. After breaking some items in the house, he stormed out. I didn’t hear from him for days and his cellphones were off.

Deep down in my heart, I believed that he wanted to cool off and would come back. A few days later, he called me at work informing me that he would be coming to fetch some of his belongings from my house. At the house, he apologized and asked for forgiveness.

I refused as I was tired of his abusive behavior. I could not continue raising my daughter in that environment, I was finally finding the courage to leave him. That’s when his behavior turned deadly.

He told me that if he couldn’t have me, no one else would. He locked us inside the house and poured petrol on us. I could see the anger in his eyes and knew that he was going to kill us. I pleaded with him not to kill us, but he was too angry to listen.

We fought for the box of matches that he was holding, but he was too strong. He overpowered me and managed to get out of the house through the window. He lit a match, set the house on fire and left us to die.

Read on to find how I survived and my advice to all women in an abusive relationship...➧➧➧Women In Abusive Relationships: Maybe My Story Will Inspire You to Walk Out Now! (PART 2)

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