Ew! Boob Sweat!: Is it Normal? See How to Get Rid Of Boob Sweat

Ew! Boob Sweat!

One of the problems with warmer weather, though, is that it means you have to deal with being sweaty.

Women know how it feels to be out enjoying the hot sun only to have beads of sweat drip down the area between their breasts. It’s uncomfortable and icky, and the sweat pools into your bra and just sits there being wet and gross.

It’s no fun at all,

Is Boob Sweat Normal?

Boob sweat is completely normal. Almost all of us experience boob sweat at some point. And the bigger the boobs, the more sweat there is.

Sweating isn’t bad. In fact, it’s actually good for you: It flushes your system, releases toxins, and works to cool down your body. But, as we all know, it can leave you smelling somewhat unfavorable, sticky, and generally uncomfortable, especially when it pops up in unexpected places—like under your breasts. While it may not feel like a natural place for sweat to form, it’s completely normal. ”Sweat accumulates anyplace there is a skin on skin—under heavy breasts and in other skin creases,” says Dr. Heidi Waldorf. “Because the skin is in contact with other skin, the sweat can’t evaporate.”

The problem with boob sweat is not just the annoying half circles that appear on your bra and shirt — the problem is the chafing, rashes, and icky smell.

There are lots of simple solutions for dealing with boob sweat.

Apply Deodorant

Putting deodorant under and around your breasts might seem silly, but antiperspirants are meant to stop sweat wherever it may be on your body.

Next time you put deodorant on your underarms, go ahead and swipe a little beneath your boobs as well.

Use Baby Powder

Absorbing powders, like talcum powder and cornstarch (both often used in baby powder), are great at preventing chafing and soaking up the sweat.

Make sure you dry out the area thoroughly before adding any powder to the area and avoid breathing in the powder.

Grab A Pad

This might sound the craziest of all, but putting pantyliners or pads in your bra can help soak up the sweat that might build up in the bottom of your bra.

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While some girls swear by putting tissues in their bras to deal with boob sweat, Cosmopolitan explains that panty liners are more discreet and stay in place.

Use Argan Oil

Using a few drops of the oil, spread it under your boobs and in the cleavage and all the icky of boob sweat will no longer be part of your life — no heat rashes, no smell, no sweat rings.

Just Go Braless!

Since the best way to keep your breasts sweat-free is to let them breathe, one thing you can consider doing is going braless all day long.

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Ditching bras altogether will give your breasts a chance to air out, especially if you wear loose, flowing clothing.

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