Guys: This is the best times to ask your partner for sεx!

Guys: This is the best times to ask your partner for sεx!

Dads, are things getting a little stale in the bedroom? Do you keep getting rejected by your wife when you try to get some action with her? Are you starting to get paranoid that maybe she is not attracted to you anymore?


According to 31-year-old mum Emily Wright, you are the one sabotaging your own chances of having sεx with your wife by ignoring four simple "mum codes".

Here's what she revealed as the best times to ask a mum for sεx:

When the kids are asleep

Don't ask immediately after the kids are asleep, but don't wait too long either because she'll probably be asleep herself.

When the house is clean

Remember to help her out or she will end up being too tired to want to do anything with you.

When she just got her hair done

You have up until a week after her last visit to the salon. The more confident she is, the keener she will be.

When she has had some wine

Just like the first point, you cannot jump in too soon while she's still sober and fretting about how tired she is, or too late when she's a drunken mess.

You have to hit the right timing where she has loosened up just enough. This dear dads will come with experience, so don't give up hope.

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