How to Make a Wonderful Christmas Fruit Cake

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Christmas Fruit Cake

This simple and easy to make Christmas fruitcake is packed with fruits and flavor. Let's see how to make this incredible Christmas fruitcake in five simple steps.

Ingredients needed:

☛ Flour: 220 gms
☛ Butter: 220 gms
☛ Brown sugar: 220 gms
☛ Eggs: 3 large
☛ Baking powder: 1 Tsp
☛ Salt: ¹/₂ Tsp
☛ Vanilla Sugar: 1 Tsp
☛ Zest of one lemon and orange.
☛ 1 tsp of mixed spices
☛ 600-800 gms of mixed fruits and nuts


➲ In a bowl, Cream Butter and Sugar

➲ Add eggs (one at a time)

➲ Add in the flour mix (a combination of baking powder, salt, and vanilla sugar)

➲ Add in the citrus zest, spices, and dried fruits into the batter

➲ Bake it at 350°F preheated the oven for 2-3 hours.

➲ As this type of rich fruit cake requires longer baking time and little less baking temperature than normal cakes; Keep the cake tin on the lower rack of the oven and after one hour of baking, cover the top of the cake tin with an aluminum foil and continue baking. After two hours, check the doneness of the cake by poking a skewer into the center of the cake and if it comes out clean, our cake is done!
Christmas Fruit Cake
Enjoy making this easy simple tasty Christmas fruit cake:)

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