Is eating bread a healthy option? find out!

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A loaf of bread

Today so many different types of bread are available and all promise to be either tasty or healthy but now the question is how to chose the right bread.

Bread is healthy or not depends on its ingredients. Eating more whole grains and cutting back on refined grains may help to lose abdominal fat.

Colour - white bread is not health that we all know but a darker hue does not mean the loaf is better. It can be made darker by simply adding a little color.

Go for the whole - always chose a bread which is made with 100% whole wheat, oats, barley or other grain. Whatever flour is on the ingredient list it should always come from a 100% whole grain.

Fiber - A good loaf must provide at least two grams of fiber per slice.

Don’t just carried away by the advertisement. Claims like “multigrain”, stone ground don’t prove the bread is good. It is you who will decide whether the bread is good and worth buying in the future by reading the label, finding the freshness and most importantly by - tasting it.

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