Guide to choosing a new or first gynecologist

Guide to choosing a new or first gynecologist

Choosing a new or first gynecologist can be very stressful for women. This health care provider consults us about some of the most intimate areas of our health. It's our Ob-gyn's who see us through some of the most emotional transitions in our lives with conversations including contraception, conception, childbirth, PMS, and menopause. For many women, the gynecologist is their primary or only physician and, therefore, needs to be someone with whom she feels comfortable sharing a lot of information. I know in any health crisis, the Ob-gyn physician is the first doctor most women turn to, so trust is critical.

The gynecological exam is a highly private and personal experience that can leave women feeling very vulnerable, so women need to decide if a male or female doctor will be more appropriate for them. One of the best ways to find a good Ob-gyn is to ask friends or family or get a referral from another doctor you've known and trusted. You can ask them questions ahead of time about the Ob-gyn and you may feel more confident knowing they have had a good experience with their doctor.

However, you choose your new Ob-gyn, always remember to prepare for the visit before the day of the exam. Make a list of questions that you need to ask, and prepare to review what tests you need to do and how often you should have them done. Just remember, your Ob-gyn knows it is a stressful exam and expects you to have questions. If you don't ask then it is assumed you are OK, with no questions. But, no question is too silly to ask. If you are worried about it, then it is important.
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