Could I have a mental health problem? Find out!

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Most of us feel sad, lonely, or anxious at times. That's just human. But sometimes people feel so sad, hopeless, worried, or worthless that they don't want to do things like get out of bed or go to school. These feelings can be signs that you need help for a mental health problem. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental health issues can be treated. If you think you have a problem, talk to an adult you trust.

You are not alone
¹/₂ of teens have a mental health disorder at some point, according to a national survey. You can feel better! Mental health problems can be treated. Get help if you need it.

Why do some people develop a mental health condition?

Sometimes, people are more at risk because of the genes in their families. Sometimes, people are at risk because of things in their lives, like being abused or using illegal drugs. Sometimes, the cause is something that happened when their moms were pregnant with them, like having a certain virus. For some people, a mix of several things is at work. Whatever the cause, you can get help.

Talk to your therapist if you:

☛ Can't eat or sleep

☛ Can't do regular tasks like going to school

☛ Don't want to do things you used to enjoy

☛ Don't want to hang out with your friends or family

☛ Feel like you can't control your feelings and it's hurting your relationships

☛ Have low energy or no energy

☛ Feel hopeless

☛ Feel numb or like nothing matters

☛ Can't stop thinking about certain things or memories

☛ Often feel confused or forgetful

☛ Feel edgy, angry, upset, worried, or scared a lot

☛ Want to harm yourself or others

☛ Can't stop yourself from dieting or exercising a lot

☛ Have aches and pains that don't have a clear cause

☛ Hear voices

☛ Feel very sad for months after a loss or death

☛ Feel like your mind is being controlled or is out of control

Lots of help is available if you are having mental health problems. You can learn about therapy, and you can find a therapist near you. You can get help if you're thinking about suicide. Your life can get so much better!
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