Drinking soursop juice has proven to be beneficial to our health. See how!

soursop juice

A lot of attention has been given to the spikey green fruit from South America known as soursop. A recent claim that it is more effective than chemotherapy at killing cancer cells has created a stir in internet forums and worldwide, leaving many people seeking answers about this so-called miracle fruit. Mother Nature has once again held the secret to curing cancer for thousands of years? The idea of a free, natural cure for cancer with no side effects is an exciting prospect, but one which must be fully researched before embarking on any kind of alternative treatment.
Loaded with proteins, Magnesium, Potassium, and Folic acid, Soursop offers numerous health benefits. While the fruit can be a solution for many ailments, it also promotes the overall health of an individual.

Helps To Kill Cancer

If we have to speak about a prominent effect of Soursop, then the fruit has the ability to kill cancer cells. Though this effect is observed with the fruit, the leaves actually curb the growth of harmful cells. Well, this serves to be an alternative to chemotherapeutic drugs and the extract doesn’t harm the healthy cells.

Good For The Eyes

Owing to the presence of many antioxidants, Soursop helps to preserve the health of the eyes. Regular consumption of the smoothie or juice can prolong the rate of getting affected due to cataract or macular degeneration. The individual would no longer have to rely on anything for the optimal functioning of the eyes.

Reliefs From Inflammation

Due to high antioxidant content, Soursop helps to gain relief from arthritis and inflammation. In fact, Central and South America use the plant to treat problems due to snake bites but it shouldn’t be perceived as an antidote.

Good For Diabetes

Soursop actually helps to manage diabetes effectively. According to a study conducted in Nigeria, Soursop inhibits enzymes and thereby breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. Additionally, it decreases the liver from getting damaged and helps boosts the production of insulin-producing cells.

Good For The Stomach

As the Soursop decreases the effects of oxidation, it helps to reduce the development of stomach ulcers. Besides, it protects the stomach from getting infected due to the bacteria, Pylori. The person actually doesn’t have to worry about ailments like irritable bowel disease.

Kills Intestinal Parasites

Since Soursop falls under the category of anti-helminthics, the plant helps to kills worms and the larvae developing inside the intestine. This effect is not possible with anti-parasitic drugs. Though the dose is not yet determined, Soursop promises you with results.

Reduces Stress

When you have gone through a stressful day, then high levels of cortisol can have a negative impact on health. Apart from insomnia, hormones can increase anxiety and affect sexuality. But, if you relish a smoothie made from Soursop, then it can help to improve the sleep quality.

Helps For Treating Fever

If you are wondering about the Soursop fruit benefits, then it can serve to be the best remedy for fever. The extract obtained from the Soursop leaves can help to gain control over the fever and convulsive seizures. It is because of this reason doctors may recommend using Soursop when children suffer from fever.

Relieves From Respiratory Ailments

Whenever a person gets affected due to cold, then he is bound to sneeze, keep coughing all the time, and have to deal with a sore throat. However, Soursop can help to gain relief from the irritating sensation as it acts as a mild expectorant. Moreover, the plant aids in enhancing the recovery process as it kills many pathogens.

Promotes Liver Health

In case the bilirubin fails to metabolize, then it can be the cause for jaundice. But, if you take Soursop for a long time span, then the chances of jaundice is quite less. In fact, a smoothie can regulate the bilirubin level and protect the liver to the best extent.

Enhances Immunity

With many antioxidants and Vitamin C, Soursop actually enhances immunity. This is possible due to the hike in the production of T cells, white blood cells and lymphocytes. As the blood quality is improved, the body is protected with a majority of harmful pathogens.

Improves Skin Health

As per a report, the extract sourced from Soursop leaves can prevent skin papilloma. This is nothing but a condition caused due to tumors in the skin. Due to the soothing effect, the natural extract is used while someone is massaging an infant.

Good For The Scalp

If you apply the Soursop paste directly on your head, then it can help you get rid of itching and dandruff. Interestingly, strengthening the hair is yet among the benefits of Soursop.

Regulates Blood Pressure

As the fibrous fruit has the ability to treat hypertension, it also keeps the blood pressure under control. Apart from the essential nutrients, the fruit works wonders due to the potential of phenols. Consequently, the individual wouldn’t have to rely on medicines when he experiences problems associated with high blood pressure.

How To Prepare Soursop Juice?

It’s pretty easy and simple to make Soursop juice. Here’s what you need to follow.


➤ Half a cup of milk
➤ One cup of water
➤ A bunch of ripe Soursops
➤ A little bit of lime juice
➤ A little bit of ginger
➤ A few spoons of sugar

NOTE: You can easily distinguish between a ripe and raw fruit. If you press the skin with your fingertip, then the fruit is perfect. But, in face the skin is yellow in color, then you should keep them at room temperature so that they ripen in a few days.
Preparation Time

The preparation time for Soursop juice varies from individual to individual. The time totally depends on how well the person blends the fruits.


Step 1: Initially, you need to wash the fruits and mash the fruits after removing the skin. While you are washing the fruit, you should see that the dirt drains away from the grooves.

Step 2: Now, you need to add milk and water and squeeze the flesh until the juice is released. Continue squeezing the fruit till the fibrous core is left behind.

Step 3: Once you have mixed the water, milk, and juice thoroughly, you can keep it inside the refrigerator and let it become cold.

Step 4: After a few minutes, you can serve the juice in medium-sized glasses.

What To Follow If You Are Straining The Fruit?

Firstly, you should wash and peel the fruit as well as remove the seeds.

As the soursop’s juice oozes out, you should transfer it in a bowl.

Now, with the help of a fine-mesh strainer, you need to pour the pulp till the fibers are left behind.

Later, you should a little bit of milk and lemon juice and ginger for enhancing the taste.

For complementing the flavor, we suggest you add nutmeg and vanilla.

What To Follow When You Are Blending The Fruit?

Initially, you need to wash, clean, and peel the fruit well. After removing the seeds, you should think about cutting the flesh into large chunks.

Soon after you have transferred everything into a blender, you should add half a cup of water and milk. Never worry about the fibrous pulp that’s with the juice. It certainly gets blended as the appliance does the job.

In the end, you can add water as much as you want to. Besides, if you are thinking about a few servings, then the juice is quite sufficient.
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