Amazing benefits of wellness bathing for women...bliss!

Wellness bathing for women...bliss!

After a busy day is there anything better than relaxing in a beautiful, deep bath? Wellness bathing involves immersing your body in a deep bath filled with fragrant essential oils, bath salts, and flower petals. Flower bathing has become a popular Instagram trend over the last couple of years and is popular amongst travel bloggers and influencers. Flower baths contain essential oils and flowers specifically designed to treat different ailments and provide wellness benefits. These types of baths are particularly common in Bali, known as Bali flower baths, due to their long history of healing techniques.

Wellness baths are not only beautiful but can also provide many health benefits including better heart health, more balanced hormones, and relaxation. Wellness bathing experience merges the floral bath with the healing natural essences of Bali, alongside its historical beauty and healing rituals.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of wellness bathing:

Better sleep

Having a bath before going to sleep can not only help you drift off to sleep faster but can also provide you with deeper sleep. The rise and fall in temperature trick the body into thinking you have gone from daytime into night-time thus promoting a stronger sleep urge. Adding Epsom salts and essential oils to a wellness bath can help to clear the mind and detox away from the stresses of the day, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Helps with depression

Having hot baths are extremely important and studies have found them to relieve the symptoms of depression more than exercise. Baths are just as good for our minds as they are for our bodies and the immersion in water and floating feeling of a bath can be an alternative form of meditation. Adding rose petals to your bath can help to promote relaxation, whilst Bali flowers generate positive energy – the perfect formula for the rejuvenation of the mind!

Soothes aches and pains

Floral baths can benefit your muscles, joints, and bones. As well as the hot water, natural oils such as lavender can help with deep muscle relaxation and have been used for centuries to help ease muscle aches and pains.

Here’s how you can recreate wellness bathing at home when you return from your trip to bliss:

Having a bath is something many people don’t make enough time to do. Simply creating the time to have a bath and allowing yourself to relax can be a welcome addition to busy lives.

➤ Fill your bath with hot water and pour in either bath salts or carrier oil which helps essential oils diffuse in your bath. Carrier oils such as coconut oil or almond oil work really well for baths.

➤ Different essential oils, salts, and flowers can be added to release their different properties. Here are some suggestions:
  • Lavender oil is perfect for deep muscle relaxation, reducing anxiety, and increases sleep quality.
  • Dried lavender, dried rosemary, and grapefruit oil leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.
  • Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) soothes muscle aches and treats sunburn.
  • Bali flowers such as frangipani and thumbergia generate positive energy and beauty.
➤ Lastly, sprinkle a dozen or so flowers of your choice on the top. This can be based on the vibrancy of the flower or the benefits that the flowers provide. You can either use real flowers or dissolving flowers that are already infused with essential oils and can be found in a variety of retailers.

It’s time to shut out the world and say spa-aaaaahhh.
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