Increase in daily water consumption can help cure bad breath. See why!

Drinking water
Bad breath can be more than just a little annoying as it can dampen your self-confidence which can have a negative impact on both your social life and overall work performance, as well as make any first date or interview even more stressful.

While many different remedies have been shared, one of the more common suggestions for taking control of the problem is drinking water. A simple fix but also an effective one as the Mayo Clinic says dehydration is one of the top causes for bad breath, which means a glass or two of H2O could serve as a permanent fix.
Wondering how water is able to give you fresher breath? Here are two reasons why an increase in daily water consumption can help cure bad breath:

Reason #1 –
Water is a natural cleanser for your mouth that does far more good than any mouth wash on the market. In fact, mouth wash can actually heighten the problem as the alcohol contained in it can lead to a dry mouth and dry saliva glands allow bacteria to flourish. But once you drink water, you’re helping wash away the food particles that remain in your mouth after eating. Once the food particles are washed out, bacteria stand less of a chance as its source of survival is the food you eat.

Reason #2 –
Water is a simple and effective way to relieve dry mouth as it helps us produce the saliva that we are lacking. Without this saliva, bad breath continues since a dry mouth results in dead cells sticking to the tongue and insides of the mouth which bacteria then feeds on. But once our saliva levels are up, the undesirable and excess bacteria hiding away in our mouths is killed off as our saliva contains oxygen, which is bacteria’s greatest enemy.
So, next time you find yourself waking up to bad breath, remember to pour yourself a tall glass of water. But don’t forget to consider a few other remedies as well, as sometimes, the problem maybe a little too much for our friend H2O to resolve on its own.
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