A flat stomach (abs) for men requires commitment and effort

If you are like so many others a flat tummy can at times seem impossible. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot shift that stubborn belly fat. There’s good news, however! The journey to a flat tummy doesn’t always have to be long and arduous. Once you are given the proper tools to earn yourself a flat tummy the rest of the work is as simple as a walk in the park.

You could do all of the tummy exercises in the world, but you will need cardio to do away with overall fat. remember a flat tummy is a sign of health!
Why Every Man Must Have A Flat Stomach

Below Are the 10 Reasons Why Every Man Must Have A Flat Stomach

1) Comfortable

It’s no secret that men with a flat stomach feel great. Everything about their day is much more comfortable. Walking, sitting and sleeping feels much better because of their flat stomach.

“Fat” makes you uncomfortable because you’re forced to drag the extra weight around all day.

If you’ve ever worked a job where you’re required to tuck your shirt in, you know how uncomfortable the extra weight can be.

Not only does it look bad when you sit down, but it pulls your upper body forward resulting in poor posture.

Eventually, the backaches will begin. (They sure did for me)

What happens when you achieve a flat stomach?

The dragging, poor posture, and backaches stop; and the comfort begins.

Trust me.

2) Clothes fit better

One of the TOP benefits of having a flat stomach is how great you look in clothes.

Whether you’re wearing a name brand shirt or a shirt from Old Navy, you’ll look great.

Nothing looks worse than a shirt that’s hanging onto your love handles, gut, and man boobs.

A flat stomach allows the shirt to fit you just right so you can look great regardless of where you shop.

Now, don’t get me wrong, different brands look better than others.

However, my point here is that you’ll look great regardless of the designer shirts.

3) Discipline

A flat stomach SCREAMS discipline.

Everyone knows the work that goes into achieving and maintaining a flat stomach.

Whether you choose to agree with me or not, people perceive you differently when you’re thin.

Whenever I see a man lacking a flat stomach, I instantly accuse him of lacking discipline.

I have no right to accuse anyone of anything, and I have to honest, I feel like an asshole whenever I catch myself doing it.

But, regardless of how bad I feel for doing it, the reality is that I’m right.

He lacks discipline.

I know it, he knows it, and the rest of the world knows it.

4) Confidence

Do you want to SKYROCKET your confidence?

Start burning fat RIGHT NOW!

I’m serious, as soon as you’re done reading this article, take your first step towards a flat stomach.

You won’t believe how much the way you talk, think and act change when you achieve a flat stomach.


Easy answer: You feel in control.

A man who doesn’t feel in control cannot be confident.


5) Live longer

It’s a fact that the less fat you have on your body, the longer you’ll live.

I don’t know about you but I want to live as LONG AS POSSIBLE!

My goal is to be an old man who still has the energy to run around with his grandkids.

I want to wake-up every day with the ambition and will to get out of the house.

I’m currently 30 years old, and I know that if I don’t maintain my flat stomach now, I’m going to pay for it in the future.

6) More energy

The less weight you carry around, the more efficient your body works.

As a result, you’ll have more energy compared to someone with excess fat.

All you need is a flat stomach so you can enjoy more energy.

Once you experience the increase in energy, you’ll never look back.

Ever heard the saying “Nothing taste as good as skinny feels?”

Guess what? It’s true.

7) Sex appeal

Whether you’re single, dating, or married, you’ll want to have and maintain your sex appeal.

A flat stomach is a turn-on for a woman because it instantly indicates good health, discipline, and self-control.

Women don’t need to see you without your shirt on to know if you have a flat stomach.

Remember what we discussed earlier about how your clothing fits?

Well, that’s how women know.

She might not be able to tell whether you have abs or not, but she’ll know your stomach is flat is sexy.

8) Makes shopping easy

When I lacked a flat stomach, shopping was frustrating.

Shirts would never fit right.

No matter where I bought it, it never looked good on me.

A medium-sized shirt was too tight around my stomach, drawing attention to my love handles and gut.

A large-sized shirt would fit me baggy.

Finding the “perfect fit” felt impossible.

As soon as I lost weight and my stomach turned flat, shopping became EASY!

Today, just about any medium shirt fits and looks great on me.

9) Self-respect

Look, man, if I could get away with it, I’d eat pancakes every day for breakfast, pizza for lunch, burgers with fries for dinner, and cinnamon rolls for dessert.

…And who am I kidding, I’d probably have a Snickers bar or Oreo cookies in between those meals.

But you know what?

I have self-respect.

I refuse to let myself go by eating whatever I want, whenever I want.

Anyone who’s overweight can’t hide the fact that they lack self-respect.

What is self-respect exactly?

Avoiding temptation at all costs, regardless of hard it may be.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can indulge in your favorite foods every so often and maintain your flat stomach.

But remember, as soon as “every so often” becomes “always”, your self-respect is GONE!

10) Because it’s easy

Do you know that getting a flat stomach is EASY?

It really is.

What makes it hard for most people?

The wrong information.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Fitness industries are trying to KEEP YOU from losing weight.


Because if everyone had a flat stomach, fitness industries would lose BILLIONS of dollars in profits annually.

As long as you (and everyone else) is overweight, they can sell you MORE of their “magic” diet foods, powders, and supplements.


If you would like to flatten your stomach, the best method to do it is to get started with a wholesome diet. The very first step to losing belly fat is to modify your diet plan.

Focus on healthy eating. Drink water. Pay attention to your calorie intake. Eat fewer calories than your body burns. The best belly exercise is the one where you go to the grocery store, buy and eat the right foods.

Not only does this prove to be beneficial in cutting back belly fat, additionally, but it also instills stamina inside your body. The very first thing you ought to do is to find that belly fat in check through nutritious and healthful food choices. Unsightly belly fat is a significant concern among women and men alike.

The key to the flat stomach can be accomplished even without the help of abs machines. In order to acquire a super flat stomach, you are in need of an appropriate mixture of abs diet, cardio exercises, and ab workout.

Another critical piece of the puzzle, you must build muscle. Let's face it, abs are more than a health aspiration they are among the ultimate status symbols. Many of the exercises which you will utilize to acquire a flat stomach fast are very similar to the movements made while cycling. If the gym isn’t for you, here are a couple of helpful ideas for your home gym.

Tighten your abdominal muscles as you do to make certain they are receiving a workout. Before you start your workout, it’s crucial you do at least 15 minutes of warm-up, that is 15-30 counts of these exercises to steer clear of muscle pull and strains. As the consumption of food rises, the workout will also need to become tougher.

It’s true, you do want to get rid of belly fat as speedily as possible. However, it isn’t likely to occur in one day. The most important factor is to not give up and to keep a steady routine!

Abs Final Thoughts

No matter what anyone tells you, the best and only way to flatten your stomach is by focusing on fat loss. How many calories you eat versus how many calories you burn. What burns more calories? Try exercising while standing (burns more calories than sitting), start strength training, add aerobic exercise like high-intensity interval training (HITT), increase the activity level in your daily routine. The higher the calorie burn throughout the day, the faster the weight loss. By losing belly fat you WILL get a flatter belly. The days of being scared to turn on the bathroom lights are finally over for me. But I want the same success stories for you.

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