Girl's Guide To Feeling Confident Without a Bra

Girl's Guide To Feeling Confident Without a Bra

The very first thing a working woman do after reaching home is taking out her bra and making herself free. This is they all do out of comfort but what if we say that not wearing Bra has some perks on your body? Would you believe us?

We all know that Bra causes irritation and uneasiness to our body but anyhow we have to wear them because of the people around us.

There are many reasons, both personal and health-related, why going braless is the best. Here are some:

No Sweat, No Irritation

Summers and bras don’t go hand in hand. If you’re the one who sweats more than usual then you will know what we are talking about. Bras cause sweating and it is painful enough to wear them.

Breast areas are delicate and we all know sweat cause bacteria to grow. So by not wearing bras, we can save ourselves from this trouble. Make your breast free and let them enjoy the fresh air.

It Helps Clear Up the Skin

Those who wear a bra all day along know about the discomfort but let me cast some light on the fact that it also affects our skin. Wearing bras all day causes sweat and dirt to make a home there resulting in skin infection. The tight bra causes more chances of infection and it also causes itchiness. Bra cause bacteria to grow and by not wearing it, we keep our skin clean.

It Brings Natural Chest Shape

Do you know that bras affect the shape of our breasts? This is the main reason why we prefer to wear them but it has come to light that bras make our breast sag and in one of the studies done on the human body, it has been claimed that breast shouldn’t be denied to gravity. So from the health perspective, our body is better off without bras.

No Bra Makes Breasts stronger.

We all know that bras provide support to your breasts but do you know that it somehow makes the breast weak. It has been researched that breasts develop their own muscle tissue but if you wear a bra, it stops that muscle tissue from growing and affect the shape and health of our breasts.

Obviously It Saves Money

If you’re the one who usually prefers branded clothes then you must know how much it costs and how expensive it is. Well, if you decided not to wear it then you can save some money here. No bra can add some savings to your bank balance. Not to forget it also brings the comfort that lasts for long.

No More Strap Lines On Your Body

Some people have a misconception that expensive bras Don’t leave any marks on your body but this is something we can debate about. No matter how expensive it is, it somehow leaves marks. On the other hand, if you decide not to wear it, then there is no worry about those marks

Comfort All Day Long

We all know how much irritation and discomfort wearing bra causes and not to forget about those dark marks around our backs just because of a bra. This is the main reason most women prefer to take off their bras in their me-time. The pleasure of removing bra is beyond something we could write about. So why make us suffer by wearing it. Going braless brings comfort and that comfort lasts for long.

No Bra Helps Proper Circulation

Bras are itchy and make us uncomfortable there is no doubt in that but do you know that it also affects our body circulation? It has been proved that Bras affect lymphatic circulation around the chest area.

From the health point of view, lymph fluid helps to remove bacteria and abnormal cells. It somehow makes us immune strong and if the circulation of lymph got affected then it somehow going to affect our body.

Bras keeps chest area held captive and that’s the reason why the circulation of lymph got limited. This is something serious we should look out for.

It feels adventurous.

Did you ever try to go a day without wearing a bra on outings? It might seem so vague and odd to you but women who did try this find it adventurous and something out of the box. It has been said that this makes us whole journey exciting and adds new experiences in life. You lived only once is a hype among us, so why keep us captive. Try everything out there and make this life fun while you can.

How to ease comfortably and confidently into a braless territory

Technically, just taking off your bra is the only step you need to take to go braless. But we know confidence and comfort isn’t a switch. There are plenty of ways to ease into it. Here are six tips anyone can try.

1. Go braless at home first

Start by going braless in your room, then your living room, and even greeting friends at the door to get a small idea of how you may feel in public.

Sounds easy? Practice by not wearing a bra on your morning coffee run or when you take your dog out on a morning walk. Then, skip your bra for nights out with your friends.

Eventually, you can be braless at work. However, we do recommend avoiding sheer outfits in professional settings, unless that’s your work culture.

DON’T GO BRALESS WHEN EXERCISING - Bras can suck, but sports bras do have their benefits. It’s a matter of securing your boobs so they don’t interrupt your workout or add extra weight by being free. And if you’re an endurance athlete, a sports bra can help avoid nipple chafing. (If you can really go without a bra and want to, put bandages over your nips before a marathon or basketball game.)

2. Go out with a bralette first

Bralettes are less constricting than typical bras and can help you feel more comfortable with no wires and less padding. They can also be a great psychological tool to help make the journey of going braless much smoother.

You can start out with high-quality bralettes that have some elasticity. Or opt for inexpensive, prettily designed ones that are, frankly, flimsy. Eventually, you’ll notice it’s no different than going braless. Your bra security may have been just years of bra conditioning.

3. Practice posture

If you rely on a bra to support the weight of your boobs, practicing good posture can help you get support without a bra. When you’re standing up, make sure you’re standing straight with your shoulders pulled back and down.

When you’re sitting down, choose a chair with a backrest that supports your back. Keep your forearms parallel to the ground, your shoulders relaxed, and your feet flat on the ground.

4. Don’t discount nipple covers

Many people put up with uncomfortable bras in order to keep the color or shape of their nipple from being visible.

Or you can just let your nipples show.

Nipple censorship happens, but there’s no reasoning behind why boobs get banned on Instagram and shamed in public while people with flat-chests don’t — except for the fact that feminine bodies are constantly sexualized and masculine bodies are less so. Nobody fusses when masculine people have their nipples out, so why anyone else?

5. Use fashion tape

To keep your clothes — and your skin — in place, pick up some fashion tape at a drug or lingerie store. This is double-sided tape that’s safe to stick to your skin and help keep your clothing in place.

If you’re going braless and wearing a low-cut top, tape the edges to your skin to keep them from moving. You can also use it between buttons to prevent the fabric from gapping and giving anyone an eyeful.

6. Remember to keep calming your anxieties

When we only see a representation of perfectly perky boobs, it can be hard to feel OK with having anything else.

How to go braless when your boobs need support

If you’re missing the support of a bra but want to experiment with going braless, try these tips. They’re especially great for those with bigger boobs who find going braless easier said than done.

1. A tight bodysuit

Bodysuits are stretchy and tight enough to act as support. They rarely require wearing a bra. Look for bodysuits that have a higher neckline. That way, you’ll have a little shape, and you won’t have to worry about spillage.

2. Dresses or tops with corset-style backs

I can’t emphasize enough how glad I am that corsets are no longer de rigueur. But clothing with corset-styling lacing can be perfect for those who want to go braless but still need some back support.

The laces can be cinched really tight so that your breasts don't move at all (if that's what you want). Or, they can be left a little looser.

3. Wear structured dresses or tops with zippers

You probably already get where I’m going with this by now. Garments that are structured and have thick fabric, as well as zipper closures, allow you to go braless but still give you a more rounded-shape that you're used to from bras.

When And Why Is Bra Necessary?

So we have discussed all the perks of not wearing a bra but don’t forget, Bra is made because it serves some purpose. Here we are going to tell you why wearing a bra is necessary or let me rephrase the question by when it is mandatory to wear a bra?

If you’re the one who is so much into sports or gym then you must have to wear a bra. The reason for particular is these activities require intense physical activity and if you’re not cautious it can cause tissue damage or severe pain to your breast which obviously we are not vouching for.

The other important reason is not wearing a bra may cause you to discomfort among people. So it is best suited to wear a bra while doing these intense activities.

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