Washing Dishes While Pregnant: What to Know!

Washing Dishes While Pregnant

One thing I've been struggling with during pregnancy is washing the dishes. I know, I know, it may seem like such a petty/minute thing for some of you guys but the struggle is real when the baby bump is growing bigger and bigger! I find myself having to hunch over the sink because the bump gets in the way while washing the dishes and after awhile your back starts aching! I've tried leaning sideways and of course, that doesn't last very long...how awkward. I've also tried using our smallest stool that we have at home but then I'm towering over the sink and having to hunch over even MORE...

Can a pregnant woman wash dishes?

Pregnant women can wash dishes.

Generally speaking, the simple household chores such as washing dishes for pregnant women have no effect on the body, but considering health problems, dishwashing should be done with detergents that do not contain harmful substances.

Detergent, soft essence, perfume, nail polish, insecticide, glue, paint, gasoline, oil, and so on. These common volatile organic compounds are often used as solvents, and benzene and methanol are the most commonly used indoor household products, which will affect the healthy development of babies in the abdomen. The strong radiation, pesticides, lead, paint, organic solvents, batteries, leather processing, poor building materials, and other environmental pollution, will affect the healthy development of the fetus.

Generally speaking, these harmful substances have the most serious impact on the baby, about 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. This stage is a critical stage in the development of the fetal nervous system and organs, is also the most sensitive and sensitive stage, the most vulnerable to injury. Also because of this, at this time if the baby is injured, the mother-to-be will mostly spontaneously abort by way of miscarriage.

In addition, during the mature period of third months to eighth months of pregnancy. Although harmful substances are relatively less likely to cause deformities, they may affect the development of fetal organs or organ function problems, and even lead to premature delivery. After 8 months, most babies are born with low birth weight.

Therefore, the mother must be more careful of the harmful substances in life, pay more attention to the dribs and drabs in life.

Pregnant women dishwashing matters needing attention

1. When you have an early pregnancy reaction, try not to go to the kitchen, because cooking fumes and other odors can cause nausea and vomiting.

2. Sitting on the chair to do the work to reduce leg fatigue and edema.

3. When washing vegetables and dishes, try not to immerse your hands directly in cold water. It is possible to induce abortion because of supercooling and cold.

4. Should not bend down or squat when washing dishes, in order to avoid abdominal pressure, affect fetal blood circulation, unfavorable to fetal growth and development. During the washing process, be careful not to let the pot directly press the stomach to protect the fetus.

5. Because of the burning gas in the kitchen, LPG can release harmful gases. During the burning process of coal, a large amount of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide are released. At the same time, a large amount of dust is released. The soot also contains benzopyrene, a carcinogen. Conditional pregnant women should enter the kitchen less, and as far as possible to stay in the kitchen to shorten the time, the kitchen should maintain good ventilation and ventilation.

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