Intense Weight loss Home workouts

Intense Weight loss Home workouts

Fitting an intense fat burning, home workout can be equally effective as a gym workout. It doesn’t necessarily require a gym membership to burn your fat off. Losing unwanted weight is not so easy unfortunately, there is no magic pill that would take your pounds off. For that, you necessarily have to burn down more calories than you eat. Though regular workout is important for maintaining your overall health, it becomes more important when you want to shed extra weight. The healthiest way of losing weight involves taking a healthy meal along with cardio & strength training. Here are the most effective home workouts that will help you with your cause. 
1) Do Low-intensity cardio

You do not necessarily have to perform high-intensity workouts to shed unwanted weight. Beginners have physical limitations these low-intensity cardio workouts help in burning calories & drop pounds. These exercises can be jogging, swimming, bicycling, dancing, & aerobics. Start slowly & gradually increase up the intensity and make it fit in your new routine. Start with 60 mins of lesser intensity cardio workouts five days per week. 

2) Interval Training

It is the most effective training method that experts recommend for losing weight. Interval training generally includes short but intense exercise followed by a rest period and reparations. That recovery period in these workouts are the key. These aerobic exercises convert the carbohydrates in your body to energy. Both moderate, and high-intensity interval workouts can significantly reduce your body fat & weight effectively. The Interval workout includes running sprints alternating followed by light jogging or a rest period. 

3) Pilates

Pilates is an amazing exercise that helps in losing weight. You can burn up to 108 calories in 30-min Pilates class, and 168 calories in an advanced Pilates class. It is way easier than the rest of the aerobic exercise. Performing Pilates 3 times a week can significantly reduce your waist, stomach, & hip circumference. Aside from burning fat, Pilates also reduces your back pain while improving your strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, & overall fitness. For boosting their effect combine them with a healthy diet and other workouts. 

4) Burpees

Burpees are a full-body exercise. They use your own body weight for developing resistance. It makes your body a weight losing machine. According to a study they burn up to 50% more calories than moderate exercises. Burpees speed up your body’s natural metabolism even after you are done working out. This means they will make you burn calories all day long. Start this exercise by going into a squat position. Then start lowering your hands to the ground at your front. Put pressure on your hands by your body weight, kick with the feet back so and go into the pushup position. Make sure you keep your body straight and do a pushup. Then quickly do a frog kick and go back to the starting position by jumping on your feet. Land with both of your knees bent, & do the other repetition. 

5) Weight Training

Weight training is popularly known as the mother of fat losing techniques. Even moderate weight training can make you lose 40lbs in 2 months or less. Perform this intense training by using your own body weight or with additional weights. It is an effective way of building muscle & burning fat. They significantly increase your natural metabolic rate that means you get to burn calories even if you aren’t working out. Lifting at higher intensities can add a bonus to the after-burn effect. Do weight training in an exercise routine for at least 3 times a week. And after your body adapts to the workout of the same weight intensity, or becomes less effective, gradually increase the weight. 

6) Boxing

Boxing is an intense cardio workout. Which burns a large number of calories compared to other cardiovascular exercises. An hour-long boxing class can easily burn up to 1k calories. The number of calories burned in each boxing class beats other cardio exercises. Boxing will move you closer to your weight loss goal much quicker. It’s a total body workout as it engages all major muscle groups in your body. With all those punching exercises, jumping rope & resistance built normally into all boxing workouts, won’t require you to add much to your exercise routine.
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