Sex - A Medicine For Many Diseases


It is believed that sex is a medicine for many diseases. On one side, sex in married life brings happiness, pleasure, belonging between couples while on another side it also maintains the health and beauty of a couple. Through this, many types of hormones arise in the body which helps the body to maintain health and beauty. By doing sex, the amount of endorphin hormone increases which leads the skin beautiful, smooth and shiny. Secondly, the Estrogen hormone is a miracle for the body which experiences a unique pleasure and also has more excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence. Those who abstain from this, suffer from shame, inhibition, and stress. Regular sexual intercourse is a good way to refreshing the mind and relieve stress. It keeps away from heart disease, mental stress, blood pressure, and heart attacks. Those who run away from this, suffer more from these diseases.

Sex is a type of exercise and does not require special kinds of suits, shoes, or expensive exercise material. This exercise removes the stretching of the muscles of the body and makes the body flexible. One sexual act is more effective than 10 to 20 rounds of exhausting exercise or swimming. It is said that sex also proves very helpful to overcome obesity. Sexual energy is consumed through it, which reduces fat. In a one-time sexual activity, 100-500 calories of energy are spent.

Sex is a successful treatment for headaches, migraines, narrowing of the brain veins, etc. Instead of restlessness on the bed or going for an overnight stroll on the balcony in case of insomnia, initiate sexual activity with a companion lying on the bedside. Then see that it will not take long to snore. A woman, who regularly supports her husband in sexual intercourse, stays away from all menstrual disorders.

Furthermore, if it is done in the last hour of the night, feels refresh for the whole day. Not to limit sex to only vaginal relationships but also incorporates small bits of your daily routine, laughter, jokes, touch, hugs, and kisses then only then sexual intercourse will be considered complete. It should be kept in mind that sex with your wife or with your husband, maintains not only health and beauty but also is beneficial in many ways. While on the other side, illegitimate sexual relationships with prostitutes may cause of occurrence of many diseases such as aids, mental disorders, heart disease, insomnia, coldness, etc. If you are unable to have successful or gratifying sexual intercourse and are troubled by any weakness or complaint related to sexual activity or sex time, you may seek medical assistance for the same. However, this is a most common question of everyone that how much should be time of sex? Doctors have different opinions in this regard. Some doctors believe that the duration of sex should be 3-4 minutes, while others believe that it should be done for 15 minutes after penetration of the vagina.

In my opinion, the ideal period of sexual intercourse should be that in which both man and woman could reach the climax of excitement and both can get physical and mental pleasure of sex. If at the time of sexual intercourse between a man and woman, both of them ejaculate before reaching the climax and neither one gets full enjoyment in the relationship, then their marital life becomes useless. In this case, either one gets divorced or the woman takes support from another man. In such a situation, the advice of a qualified doctor may be sought, so that after getting permanent treatment, both husband and wife can be fully satisfied and spend their married life happily.
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