Orgasm is essential for your health. See how!

The top 10 health benefits of orgasm for women

Are you missing out on the amazing health benefits of orgasm? Whether solo or with a partner, check out our top 10 health benefits why orgasm is essential for your health.

And if your libido is down and you think something is up, we’ll help you bring it back to life. We don’t want you missing out on this kind of fun!

The top 10 health benefits of orgasm for women

1. Improves circulation to organs in the pelvic cavity, delivering nutrients, growing healthy tissues, and regulating your menstrual cycle. Women who have intercourse at least once a week are more likely to have normal menstrual cycles than women who are celibate or who have infrequent sex.

2. Increases fertility and sense of wellness by energizing your hypothalamus gland, which regulates appetite, body temperature, emotions, and the pituitary gland, which in turn regulates the release of reproductive hormones that induce ovulation and cervical fluid.

3. Provides overall lymphatic massage, helping your body’s natural detoxification process to improve digestion and mood and help prevent cancer.

4. Promotes healthy estrogen levels to keep vaginal tissues supple and protect against osteoporosis and heart disease.

5. Induces deep relaxation by boosting endorphin levels and flushing cortisol (an inflammatory hormone released by the adrenal glands) out of the body.

6. Spikes DHEA levels in the body. DHEA hormone improves brain function, balances the immune system, helps maintain and repair tissue, and promotes healthy skin.

7. Helps you look younger —studies show making love three times a week in a stress-free relationship can make you look 10 years younger.

8. Boosts infection-fighting cells up to 20%–helps fight colds and flu!

9. Cures migraines and helps treat other types of pain by elevating pain thresholds (a bonus when preparing for childbirth!)

10. Increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is linked to passion, intuition, and social skills—the hormone of bonding and success!

If you are missing out on these amazing health benefits of orgasm, it’s time to investigate the reasons why.

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