How to Remove Discharge Stains from Underwear

How to Remove Discharge Stains from Underwear

You might be asking yourself, how to remove discharge stains from underwear? And why do I have discharge stains in the first place?

Look! We know the pain of cleaning discharge stains from underwear. No matter how obsessively you clean your favorite underwear those stubborn stains just won’t go away. And you’re not alone in this.

Almost all women around the world have to deal with this issue. Vaginal discharge or period blood could ruin your underwear for good. And that’s why you have to know the correct method of removing such stains.

Just follow our guide and you’ll get rid of those nasty stains in no time!

Why Do You Have Discharge in Your Underwear?

Alright, in order to understand how you can remove discharge stains from your underwear, you must first understand what’s causing the stains in the first place. You should know that having discharge on your underwear is natural and it happens to everybody.

The discharge that gets caught on the underwear is made out of protein and amino acid. And these substances can alter the color of your underwear.

And that’s why you need to have a good strategy regarding how you can get rid of those stains. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy new underwear.

How to Remove Discharge Stains from Underwear

The most effective method of removing discharge stains is using baking soda. As you’re probably aware, baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent. It can not only remove the stains but also remove the stench and bad odors.

And the best part about it is that it will remove the stains without causing any kind of damage to the fabric. We recommend you wear gloves while dealing with underwear that’s laden with bodily secretions in order to protect yourself from germs.

Here’s what you have to do:
  • Safety first. And so, you should put your gloves on first before proceeding to do anything.
  • Now cover the stained area using baking soda.
  • Rub the stained area with baking soda. You should use a brush to do that. Pour a little bit of water over the baking soda before doing so.
  • Do the same thing on the other side of the fabric.
  • Now put the underwear in the washing machine and thoroughly wash it.

Follow the same process whether you’re dealing with discharge stains, feces stains, or bloodstains.

Alternative Methods of Removing Discharge Stains from Underwear

So, what if you don’t have baking soda at hand? No worries, there are some alternative methods that you can follow that are just as effective. Those methods are described below:

Using A Lemon

If your underwear is made out of a lighter fabric then this method could prove to be highly effective. Take some lemons and make a small amount of lemon juice out of them. Pour some of that on top of the stain and leave it be for a while.

After roughly half an hour, put the underwear with your regular laundry and get it washed. But beware! Using lemon on underwear with a darker color could cause discoloration.

Using Salt

Take some table salt and rub the stained area using the salt. After rubbing it for a while, leave it for some time. It might take a long time and you might have to rub the stained area multiple times, but in the end, you’ll have stainless underwear.

Using Enzymic Spray

As the stains on your underwear are primarily caused by blood or vaginal discharge, an enzymic spray can prove to be highly effective at removing those stains. Just spray a little enzymic spray such as OxiClean on your underwear before putting it into the washing machine.

Oh, and make sure to spray the underwear after rinsing it with water. That will take out the excess discharge.

Just do it in an old-fashioned way

Removing discharge or Feces stains from underwear does not have to be that complicated. Usually, discharge stains get removed if you just run them under lukewarm water and then put it in the washer.

At first, try this traditional approach instead of going with a fancy cleaning method. If this approach fails, then you can adopt one of the methods that we have mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we know that having discharge stains on your underwear can be a little embarrassing and you might be a bit hesitant to ask for help regarding this matter. But we can assure you, it’s completely natural and there are easy fixes to this problem.

It can be frustrating, but if you follow the steps we have mentioned, you won’t face any issues. And there’s no need to purchase expensive stain removers, homemade remedies like baking soda or lemon juice are more than effective.
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