How to Identify High-Quality Hemp Distillates

How to Identify High-Quality Hemp Distillates

Hemp distillates are growing in popularity for their versatility, potency, and cost-effectiveness. These high potent oil forms of cannabis extract are entirely pure and provide several benefits. You can find numerous strain-specific, unique, and flavorful variants.

However, it is essential to buy high-quality hemp distillates. Avoid using cheaper quality as they may not be healthy and offer much value for your money. Instead, choose reliable and high-quality products, such as One World Cannabis, as they are safe and more effective.

Read on to know how to identify high-quality hemp distillates.

Understand the Distillate Forms

Hemp distillate comes in three types with various strength levels and quality standards. You have to understand each type and its properties to know if you receive the right type in its high-quality standard.

The following are the three primary hemp distillate forms:

       Full Spectrum: This distillate has a vast spectrum of various compounds. You can find CBD, THC, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids. It is the strongest distillate form. Legal and quality full-spectrum distillates have 0.3% THC or lesser.

       Broad Spectrum: This distillate does not contain any THC and is completely legal. The other compounds are almost the same as the full-spectrum distillate with CBD and other minor compounds.

       CBD Isolate: It is the purest form as it contains only CBD. The distillation process removes all other compounds and cannabinoids. It is legal as well.

Find out the Source

The source where the hemp distillate comes from is another crucial factor to check. Denmark and Colorado are famous for producing high-grade distillates. You can also find superior quality hemp distillates in local states. You may inquire about where the plant grows, the cannabis species, and how it grows.

The climate, soil, and other plants in the farm affect the distillates’ quality. Check if the source meets all the regulations of the production of hemp in the United States.

You can find out the source from the product labels or the product description section in online stores. You may also inquire with the supplier about the details of the source and the growing conditions of the hemp distillate.

Look for Valid Lab Tests

Check if the hemp distillate passes lab tests. While lab testing is not mandatory for CBD products, it helps you identify high-quality and safe products. The lab reports verify the potency and purity of the distillate’s contents. Reputable products, such as One World Cannabis, are pharmaceutical grade lab tested and certified.

Review the lab certificates thoroughly before purchasing a hemp distillate. Look for the percentage of CBD, THC, terpenes, and other compounds. Additionally, verify if the lab is trustworthy.

Confirm the THC Content

Hemp distillates have to contain THC levels below 0.3%. Otherwise, their purchase is illegal. Low quality-products may not disclose the complete ingredient list.

It is essential to buy hemp distillates from reliable providers who reveal the ingredients and the composition percentage. You can expect legal and higher quality products from them.

High-quality hemp distillates are pure and come with better potency. Consider the above factors the next time you purchase distillate. It helps you find safer products and receive more benefits. 

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