10 Great Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing

10 Great Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing

We all have a hobby in which we choose to invest both time and money. Some hobbies are more expensive; also, some remain only hobbies, while others may turn into a profession.

One of the oldest hobbies, which is quite popular nowadays, is painting and drawing. Why? Because it is a fun activity that stimulates the imagination and relaxes the brain.

The benefits that painting and drawing brings into our lives include;


Painting and drawing would obviously make use of one’s imagination. They would create vivid images of houses, people, and places. People can even choose to portray their emotions and produce abstract art. As these would entail the creation of personal works, one would have to use his artistic skills. These activities would then play a beneficial role in the development of one’s brain.

For right-brained or artistic people, painting and drawing would be healthy ways of enhancing the creative skills that they already manifest. On the other hand, left-brained or analytical people can also stimulate their creativity and improve it.

Knowing these factors, drawing, and painting is highly recommended for children. In fact, many children who are at developing ages are encouraged to engage in painting and drawing. By promoting the development of their brains, they would be more prepared for academic work. Furthermore, they would have an easier time conveying their ideas to their peers.


On the other hand, the health benefits of painting and drawing are also enjoyed by those who experience illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. Although they may have problems with their memory, enabling them to engage in painting and drawing can help boost their recalling skills. As they sharpen their minds through imagination and thinking, they may experience less complicated conditions of their illnesses. Thus, they may still enjoy a lot of activities in their lives in spite of their condition.


Another point in the long list of health benefits of painting and drawing would involve the opportunity to improve one’s communication with other people.

As art involves expressing one’s inner thoughts and feelings, he may project all these indescribable emotions through paintings and drawings. In using art to break free from personal limitations, individuals can surpass their weaknesses. These can include shyness, autism, and other disabilities.

Furthermore, as painting and drawing are continuous processes, these individuals would improve their flow of thought as they create such artworks. These can be very useful for their future endeavors.


Aside from these benefits, people may actually be surprised that painting and drawing can also instigate the development of critical thinking and problem-solving. In fact, painting and drawing enables an individual to realize that there can be more than one solution to a single problem. As they discover the artworks they can produce from a blank sketch pad, they develop the technique of thinking outside the box.

Painting and drawing would widen their perspectives on various situations. In effect, they would be able to address various tasks in a creative and very effective way.

Emotional Restoration


Perhaps the major health benefits of painting and drawing involve the emotional aspects of individuals. For one, many people use art to release stress.

As the pressures of life can be very tiring, individuals have tried painting and drawing to relax from the demanding requirements of life. They are able to free themselves from the stress that has accumulated by releasing these in the form of color and drawing. As they temporarily exit the world of fears and worries, they enter the world of fun and excitement.

Releasing one’s stress can be very beneficial to reduce their risk of other physiological illnesses.


Additionally, creating these paintings and drawings would obviously lessen the negative emotions within an individual. This would be replaced by positive thoughts and feelings as color and drawings would be exemplified. Of course, as one develops his skills in painting and drawing, these would produce very good results. Hence, this may make an individual feel good about his capabilities. These activities would boost his self-esteem and would inspire him to believe in what he can do.

Through these health benefits of painting and drawing, an individual may also develop optimism and feel happier through painting and drawing. With the body and mind becoming more relaxed, one can function better.


Furthermore, as one pours out his emotions through art, he concentrates on releasing all these hidden emotions. In fact, physical pain may even disappear as one is deeply involved in his paintings and drawings. Research has called this state the “Alpha”; this signifies that part of one’s brain is consciously performing activities while the unconscious part is also expressed. Such a state can also be obtained from other activities such as prayer, music, and meditation. This state would release energy and would revitalize an individual. He would gain strength in this special form of recovery. In effect, the healing process can be faster and more effective.

Knowing these benefits, it isn’t surprising to know that painting and drawing are highly recommended for an individual’s recuperation from painful events such as war and abuse (e.g. rape). In fact, many therapists include these activities in the schedules of their patients. They would encourage their patients to release their feelings.

As an individual is able to find a safe environment to convey his emotions, the health benefits of painting and drawing can be maximized to aid the recovery of this said, individual. He would be immersed in a world of cleansing from all the bitter events that may have happened to him. His stress level and emotional anxiety would be soothed, thus enabling him to function better and return back to his regular work.

Through painting and drawing, many therapies have become successful. With the added support of family and loved ones, patients are able to achieve inner peace and find closure from their previous experiences.


Given these various health benefits of painting and drawing, it is clear that these activities can cause an increase in an individual’s emotional intelligence. In enabling one’s emotions to flow through art, one can create a better grasp of his varying feelings. One can experiment on feelings of joy, peace, love, and happiness while performing these tasks.

Through the improvements in one’s personality and emotional stability, painting and drawing do not benefit a single individual but even the people around him. As the individual would be able to respond to the emotions felt by others, these people would also share the positive effects of art.

The individual who engages in doing such art can brighten other people’s days and help them cope with whatever difficulties they may experience. As he has more control of his emotions, he would be an excellent companion for the people with whom he interacts.

Improving the Senses

As the health benefits of painting and drawing are evident in one’s mental activities, these activities can also promote the improvement of the senses. Knowing the role of the brain in delivering messages to instruct the actions to be performed by one’s body, stimulating this integral organ is vital to improve the organs it controls. Thus, an individual who has engaged in painting and drawing would experience many positive changes in how he would respond to and perceive the world.


For one, art can enable a person to have better mobility. As the individual would need to use a brush or pencil to create his artworks, he would develop more efficient hand movements. Through the improvement of one’s brain activities, signals can be effectively sent from the brain to the motor neurons that would deliver the specific action that must be performed. As a result, fine motor skills would arise.


To add to the list of health benefits of painting and drawing, these activities would enable one to become more observant of the details of his surroundings. As one is more exposed to light, darkness, color, shading, and many other properties of painting and drawing, he would be able to pay closer attention to finer details. His eyes would be trained to look for intricate designs and forms that may have been ignored in the past. Thus, as the brain would let one’s concentration improve, an individual may see and appreciate even the most miniscule details that can be viewed.


Given the various health benefits of painting and drawing, it is clear these activities can be very useful in promoting the welfare of an individual. Aside from improving mental and emotional capabilities, an individual may enjoy improved sensory and motor skills through constant painting and drawing. As anyone can engage in painting and drawing, these activities are definitely worth a try.

Knowing the difficulties that are offered by life, it would be nice to occasionally take some time off, lift a paintbrush or pencil, and start painting or drawing. Thus, it comes as no surprise that such activities have been loved by millions around the world throughout the years.

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