10 signs your newborn is in good health

10 signs your newborn is in good health

Just given birth to your newborn and totally engrossed in parenting duties? The first few days with your little one brings a lot of tension about whether your baby is perfectly fine or not. You find your parenting skills are just not that good to understand whether your baby is just plain cranky or has some problem. Whether your baby is just crying because he or she is hungry or has some major health issue. All these things become a big and constant point of worry.

10 Important Signs Of A Healthy Baby

Here are some important signs that help you to ensure your baby is perfectly healthy and fine, even though they do get cranky very often:

  1. You change more than 3-4 diapers a day: A very common question that bothers the majority of the mothers of a newborn is whether their baby is receiving an adequate supply of milk that is actually needed. The best proof your baby is getting adequate milk are these wet diapers. You can be well assured your little one is perfectly fine from the umpteen diapers you change every day
  2. Baby is attentive and peaceful at least a few times every day: This is the biggest proof that your little one is slowly beginning to observe the world around her and growing slowly. Once they turn a month old, their waking hours are more and they start looking and observing things happening around them
  3. Your baby suckles strongly: Newborn babies enter this world with a reflex for suckling and if you find that your little one suckles your breast strongly and frequently, you can be rest assured, your darling is perfectly healthy as this is an indication of normal digestive growth
  4. The little one starts responding to various sounds: A normal and healthy baby begins responding to different sounds around him or her as the days pass by. Music, TV sounds and even toys begin attracting your little one’s attention which are all signs that let you understand that the little one’s hearing system is developing well
  5. Regular stools: Pooping regularly is yet another positive indication of your baby’s healthy growth. Although the frequency of pooping reduces as the little one grows older, it is perfectly okay even if your little one poops just once a week if the stools are soft. If your little baby is comfortable even though he or she does not poop every day, it is fine, you need not worry
  6. Proportionate weight and height: A perfectly normal and healthy baby normally gains double the weight within the first five months and it is almost tripled when they reach their first birthday. Your doctor would be the best person to ensure that the height and weight of your little one is proportionate to her growth in every way. This is yet another sign that your little one is perfectly healthy and growing desirably well
  7. The little one becomes quiet at your touch and recognizes your sound: There is no doubt about the fact that newborn babies cry all the time and this makes you all the more tensed. However, as they begin bonding with the mother, they start recognizing your voice and also become quite calm when you pick them up. This is definitely a healthy sign that helps you to understand that your baby is growing up mentally and emotionally
  8. Babies begin to slowly support their weight by themselves: Once your little darling is a month old, they slowly start holding their head up even though for a brief time period. By the time she or he is three months old; they start holding up well and even begin shifting while they are in your arms. All these are definite signs that your baby is growing well. This shows your little one’s muscles are getting stronger
  9. Their sleep pattern becomes more regular: As your little one’s nervous system develops slowly, you will find a slight glimmer of a routine as far as your baby’s sleeping pattern is concerned. They begin sleeping for more hours at a stretch during nighttime. However, some babies do take some more months to get there. All this implies your baby is perfectly hale and hearty
  10. Your darling starts making eye contact and also smiles: This is the best proof that ascertains your little one is growing to become a happy and social being. Once your baby crosses a month, they begin having eye contact with people, especially you, and start smiling when you talk to him or her. They begin cooing and gurgling and all this indicates he or she is growing perfectly well

All the above are excellent pointers to ensure your precious little darling is perfectly healthy and normal in every sense of the word. So sit back and relax and enjoy your newborn. Spending a few weeks with your little one will help you differentiate between his hunger cries and the ones when something is wrong. You will also get pro at knowing how your baby prefers to be rocked and burped. You will definitely gain more confidence about your parenting skills.

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