How to use (dispose) a sanitary pad - A stepwise guide

How to use a sanitary pad - A stepwise guide

Congratulations on your first period! It’s a big sign that you’re growing up. It is absolutely normal to feel anxious and nervous. However, it is a beautiful journey to embrace, and with the right knowledge, there’s nothing to stop you from becoming a confident woman. One of the first things you need to know about periods is how to use a sanitary pad. And we are here to help!

Sanitary pads are the most common hygiene products used by girls. Knowing how to use a sanitary pad will help you manage your period effectively & give you confidence. It may take you some time to understand your period and settle on the ‘right’ type of sanitary pad. Meanwhile, here is how to use a sanitary pad.

  • Wash your hands – Ensuring hygiene is the first and the most important step. You want to have clean hands when you’re using a pad.
  • Unwrap the pad – Remove the sanitary pad from its wrapper. Peel off the long center backing and stick it on your panty.
  • If the pad has wings, remove the adhesive from the wings and fold those around the outside of the panty to keep it in place. This helps leaks during heavy flow.
  • Dispose the unwanted wrapping. If you’re already wearing a pad, then wrap the used pad in the wrapping & throw it in the dustbin.

Pads come in different sizes & with different features meant for different needs. Whether it is long pads for the night when you want to avoid staining the bed, thick pads for heavy bleeding, or you are looking for thin panty liners to keep your panties stain-free from spotting, you will find a large variety in the market.

You should choose an appropriate pad for you that offers the right amount of thickness, absorbency, shape and size.

Some women prefer wearing a pad all the time as it keeps them fresh. This is a wrong notion. Do not wear a pad when you are not menstruating. Your vagina needs to breathe; unnecessary wearing of pads will lead to bacteria growth. Stick to cotton underwear for your regular use as it is the freshest and lets your intimate part breathe.

When to change the pad?

To avoid any rashes or skin infection, it is vital that you change it every 4-6 hours, of course odour is one of the other factors. Even if your pad has not been completely used, change it anyway. The vaginal blood and mucus that your body is eliminating should not be in contact with your skin for too long. Do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands before changing the pad; it is important to stay hygienic.

The next important thing is to always keep extra pads in your bag. In the beginning, when you start getting your periods, they may be irregular or you may feel the need to change it, so its important you’re always prepared.

We hope that this helps you understand on how to use a napkin & be better prepared to take on the world!

How to Dispose of Sanitary Pads

There is one main, unbreakable rule regarding the disposal of sanitary pads. And here it is. Never ever flush a sanitary pad. Always bin it.

Okay. Now that very important rule has been established, here are some tips on how to dispose sanitary pads elegantly and discreetly, while being considerate of other using the same bathroom as yourself

How to dispose of sanitary pads

When You’re Changing Your Pad

If you’re changing your pad (i.e. putting a fresh new pad on after taking a used one off), you can wrap your used pad in the wrapper of the new pad you just stuck in your knickers.

The majority of the sanitary pad wrappers have a convenient tab closure on them for just this purpose. All you have to do is take your used pad, place it in the wrapper, roll it up, and secure it with the tab. Then bin it and wash your hands. Easy peasy.

How to Dispose of Sanitary Pads When You’re Not Putting on Another Pad

If you’re removing your pad and not putting a new one on because it’s the end of your period, roll up your pad so none of the menstrual fluid is showing and then bin it. You may choose to wrap some toilet paper around your pad before putting it in the waste bin.

How to Dispose of Sanitary Pads When You’re at Home

Disposal of sanitary pads when you’re at home is pretty straightforward and up to you how you’d like to do it.

As long as you’re following the golden rule of sanitary pad disposal – bin it, don’t flush it! – the rest is up to you. Here are your options:

#1 If you are the only one using your bathroom and cleaning it, feel free to toss your used pad as is in the bin if you wish.

#2 Or you may wish to roll up your pad, using the adhesive back to roll the pad, so that none of your menstrual fluid shows on top.

#3 After rolling up your pad, you may choose to wrap it up either in a few sheets of toilet paper or in the wrapper of the new pad you’re putting on.

How to Dispose of Sanitary Pads When You’re Out and About

How to dispose sanitary towels at a friend’s house is pretty much the same as how to dispose of sanitary towels at home.

However, if you don’t have a wrapper on hand, you may want to wrap your rolled-up pad in some toilet paper out of courtesy to your host. It’s never pleasant to open up the waste basket and to come face to face with someone else’s menstrual blood.
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