Which Sanitary Pad is safe to USE?

Which Sanitary Pad is safe to USE?

So, all the ladies who are using sanitary napkins and menstrual cups. I know you all are very confused about which sanitary napkin is best for you. We all want rash-free, infection-free, and irritation-free periods. Some ladies keep on trying different brands to see which is more suitable. Basically, the trial and error method is used by every woman to choose a better product. I will give you better ideas on how to choose.

Each of us is so different when it comes to our choices and preferences, while some prefer elegant chic, others may prefer rockstar punk styles. However, at the core of it, all of our choices boil down to one common thread, "comfort". We are most comfortable in our preferences and what may work for one woman may not necessarily work for another.

When it comes to our menstrual cycle too, each woman has different experiences. The way in which we prefer to manage our periods and menstrual hygiene may differ too. Some may prefer cotton pads for periods while those who've just begun menstruating may be comfortable with pads designed for teenagers. No matter which way or how you prefer it, what matters is that you understand the importance of menstrual hygiene and actively implement it.

Focusing on Menstrual Hygiene

It is pivotal to know that menstruation is a completely natural and beautiful process of your body evolving and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Most women do not pay adequate attention to their menstrual hygiene needs and often make do with cloth or tissues. Such products are not designed to absorb the period flow and can cause many health complications.

Women who do normally use sanitary pads also often buy them without understanding their own needs. With each woman being so unique, why follow a "one size fits all" approach for sanitary pads? When it comes to periods, most women just go with the flow and don't put a second thought to getting a period pad type that is right for them.

What fits for your friend, might not be the right type of sanitary pad for you. For instance, your friend may have a heavier flow and hence opts for heavy pads for her periods. This may not necessarily be the case with you. You may opt for soft pads for your period management. It's time to stop conforming and to start embracing our bodies and your specific period needs.

Read on to know all about the different types of pads for periods and how to pick the best menstrual pads for you.

Types of sanitary pads

Much like different body types, women also experience different period flows during their monthly cycle. This is one of the main reasons why it's important to pay attention to the right sanitary pad fit for you down there. Wearing an ill-fitting sanitary pad with a low absorbency level can not only cause discomfort but can also cause leaks. Find out how often should you change your pad.

Your occupation and lifestyle are also major factors in deciding the different kinds of sanitary pads to consider

What's more? Your occupation and lifestyle are also major factors in deciding the different kinds of sanitary pads to consider. For instance, if you spend long hours working outdoors, you will need a different type of period pad than, say, a student.

That's why Always offers different kinds of pads for periods depending on every woman's unique flow, lifestyle, and size so you can pick the period pad type that is best for you. ALWAYS Maxi Thick Pads, for instance, is an ideal heavy pad for periods. They are equipped with unique anti-leakage barriers and an extra absorbent core. These help to prevent leakage and keep you protected. Additionally, its high Flexi wings hold your pad in place, no matter how much you move.

If you have long hours working outdoors, the ALWAYS Cotton Soft Pads come with an extra-absorbent gel to prevent leaks. These cotton soft pads for periods provide cushiony softness with the comfortable top sheet. Its flexible wings allow ease of movement without the fear of leakage.

If you're looking for pads for teenagers, the Ultra Thin pads are a great fit. They are made using Supreme Quality material and design for maximum safety and upto 100% comfortable protection. And if you're looking for some superior quality night pads, go for the Nights Dreamzzz Pads which are designed with deep channels that help minimise the risk of leakage combined with a Clean and Dry Topsheet for superior protection all-night long.

Lastly, if you're looking for something uber comfortable and soft pads for periods, then the Always Platinum Ultra Thin pads are just the right fit. These are equipped with a gel-based extra absorbent core instantly locks in the menstrual discharge. It also has a soft non-woven topsheet that offers best protection and comfort.

Find your perfect fit

You can also choose the perfect pad for you based on four critical parameters.

To choose a period pad type that is best suited for your needs, refer to the chart below. The top row indicates your shape and the left column denotes period flow. All you need to do is match your shape and period flow to find the best menstrual pad for you.

With this newfound information on the various types of sanitary pads, you can explore the wide selection of Always feminine hygiene products like tampons and panty liners and pick the one that is customized for your needs.

Stay well prepared for your next period by tracking it on the Always Period Calculator.


1. Which type of pad is best for periods?

To know how to choose the right menstrual pad, you must first know the type of flow you’re having and the occasion you need it for. There are many different types of sanitary pads available in the market that cater to different flow needs, as well as nighttime pads customized for superior protection at night like the Always Night Dreamzzz Pads.

2. Which pad is best for beginners?

If you’ve just begun menstruating, then here are some tips on how to choose the right menstrual pad as a beginner. Firstly, always keep spare pads with you since your cycle will be quite irregular when you start, which is normal. From the many types of sanitary pads, it’s best to go for ones with high absorbency and supreme softness for the best comfort such as the Always Cotton Soft Pads.

3. Which is the best brand for pad?

There are so many different types of pads for periods in the market, but the best are those that cater to three important aspects – best protection, comfort and safety. And Always pads fit the brief with the various types of sanitary pads that they have catering to different needs.

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