How To Care For Your Baby Bump

How To Care For Your Baby Bump

Whether your bump is large or small, there are so many things you can do to keep you and your baby happy and healthy! We asked our mum’s what are some of their favorite tips to care for their baby bumps and here they are:

Speak to your bump

Sometimes when we speak we feel like no one is listening to us (especially our little terrible toddlers!). However, the little person growing inside you can start to hear your voice and your heartbeat from about 20 weeks.

Studies have also shown that speaking to your baby while in the womb can help you bond with the baby once it is born and also cause your baby’s language centre (auditory cortex) to be more developed from birth. #smartbaby – yes, please!

Support your bump and your back!

With all that weight growing on your front, the shape of your back can start to change to compensate for the change in weight distribution. Hormone changes in pregnancy can also cause the ligaments that support your spine to loosen so it’s important to ensure your back is supported.

If you are sitting during the day then try a lumbar chair support to help push your bump up and out. Also, set an alarm on your computer or phone to remember to get up every 20 minutes for a good stretch. When you are sleeping at night try using a triangle pillow to prop up your bump and ensure it is in line with your spine.

Speak up if your bump doesn’t feel right (what’s right anyway?). 

First-time mums are wading through uncharted waters and it’s only natural that you will feel a little panicked and worried at times. Don’t be afraid to speak up when something doesn’t feel right because it’s better you raise your concerns with your GP or midwife rather than feeling stressed and worried.

Of course, turning to your mother's group is always handy because if you’re worried about an issue then it’s more than likely the other mum’s will be worried about the same things too!

Keep your bump moisturized (and don’t scratch!)…

One of the common symptoms of pregnancy is being extremely itchy, especially the skin that is stretching and growing with your stomach. Try cutting back on hot baths/ showers and products which have strong detergents or perfumes as these can cause your skin to dry out and become irritated.

Also, ensure you are moisturizing up your bump with a pregnancy-suitable product to help reduce the itchiness and stretch marks. We love the Mio Tummy Rub Oil or Tummy Rub Butter which are full of Omega-packed organic oils and designed to increase skin’s strength and elasticity.

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