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Coronavirus disease (COVID‑19)

To our valued readers, employees, friends, and their families, we sincerely hope this message finds you safe, in good health, and positive spirit.

Presently, we are being challenged by a crisis few to none of us ever had to face before. The current spread of COVID-19 around the world has affected many communities and the fate of many individual people.

The end of this crisis and its direct consequences are currently not foreseeable. But as long as we remain positive, stay calm and look after each other, we will ultimately overcome this difficult period together.

At this point, we would like to thank all people on the frontline of this pandemic including all doctors, nurses, first responders, frontline medical workers, hospital support staff, and all others for their courage, selflessness, and working relentlessly every day – saving lives.

However, in order to win this fight, we must all do our part.

At Health Guide 911, the safety of our readers, employees, and business partners is our top priority and we are taking precautions and actions to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

We encourage everyone to take extra precautions necessary to safeguard their health and that of others. Stay informed about the situation in your local community by consulting and following the advice of your local health authorities.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Symptoms, Tips to Prevent

What is a Novel Corona Virus?

The novel coronavirus is an infectious disease which is recently identified in human by Chinese authorities, as SARS-CoV-2. The novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not previously identified. There are so many CoV in the animal which has not yet infected humans. The novel coronavirus is the family of viruses that cause illness, common cold to other severe diseases such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome).

The word coronavirus is taken from a Latin word corona, which means crown or halo. Under an electron, a microscope COV looks like it is surrounded by a solar corona. These viruses were originally transmitted from animals to humans, as initially, cats transmitted SARS and camel transmitted MERS to humans.

Why We Call It Corona Virus Disease 2019, COVID-19?

World Health Organization has officially announced an official name for the disease that is causing the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak, first identified by China in Wuhan city. As the new name of this disease is coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19.

CO — an abbreviation of corona
VI — an abbreviation of virus
D — an abbreviation of disease

Formally this disease is known as “2019 novel coronavirus” or “2019-nCoV”.

There are many types of human CoV, COVID-19 is a new disease caused by a novel coronavirus which has been previously seen in humans.

Where Did The Coronavirus Originate?

There is no 100% fact proof yet, as Chinese health authorities still trying to find the COVID-19 origin, they likely said that it comes from seafood market of Wuhan city, China where wild animals are traded illegally and sold as delicacies or pets, a terrifying mix of viruses and species can occur. Chinese researchers have admitted on January 7, 2020, that the virus could have spread from an infected animal species to humans. As we researchers found that bats are responsible for COVID-19.

What Are The Symptoms?

CoV can sick a person from One to 14 days before deploying symptoms. There are certain signs of this disease tiredness, cough, fever, shortness, or difficulty in breathing. In several cases, it can lead to pneumonia, multiple organ’s failures, or even death. About 80% of people do not need any special treatment for recovery. An infected person can also be asymptomatic which means they don’t show any symptoms despite having a virus. Older people or people who have problems like diabetes, B.P. high, heart problems can develop a serious illness. People who are suffering from some sort of symptoms need medical attention.

What You Need To Do Prevent The Spread Of Infectious Diseases?

Well, there is no vaccine until now of this virus, scientists all around the world are racing to develop a vaccine. Meanwhile, Chinese authority has effectively sealed Wuhan, and placed restrictions on social gathering in public places, and restriction on traveling too. Other countries have also lockdowns, closing schools, restaurants, bars, sports clubs, and also allowing employees to do work from home from various government and private companies. International flights are canceled the world over, some countries have banned citizens to stop entering in their territories. Here are a few recommended suggestion to follow to prevent yourself from the risk of infection —

1. Wash Your Hand Often With Soap — This is the first point to avoid the risk, before and after making food or eating or after using the toilet, does the hand wash for 20 seconds at least, and rub hands properly.

2. Increase Your Immunity Power — Eat foods that can increase your immunity power to fight from any such disease, if your immunity system is strong you can avoid a lot of possibilities to getting yourself infected and Immunization can reduce your chances of contracting many diseases. Read this to know more, Natural ways to boost and keep your immune system healthy

3. Wear Masks And Uses Sanitizer — one should use a mask this can help you to avoid getting infected from others, wash mask daily so that the outer bacteria can be cleaned. Use sanitizers that have at least 60% of the quantity of alcohol in it, and if you touch any unidentified things, keep your hand sanitize, and cell phone daily.

4. Restrict Yourself From Travelling — if you are sick, do not fly to other places because you may infect other passengers in the plane if you need any medical help consult with the doctor immediately or you should stay at home to stay healthy.

5. Don’t Share Personal Items — do not share any of your personal items like toothbrush, comb, razor blade, etc. It can infect other people as well.

6. Stay At Home — please do not go anywhere if you have signs and symptoms of an infection, to avoid any risk and prevent others and your family, you should stay at home. 8. Prepare food smartly — before preparing the food, wash the vegetable with water properly or you can also wash it with salty boiled water.

With this little common sense and precautions, you can avoid risk and infection of coronavirus disease, and avoid spreading it.

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Together we will get through this.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay strong.
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