Guest Post Policies

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Guest Post Process

Posting on our website is very simple. Send us your article for review. We don’t preapprove outlines, topics, etc. We get between 50-80 submissions a week for guest posts.

Write the topic to provide information about the particular area of interest to readers. Submit your Post for Review: Use the email provided at the end of this post and double-check that your post meets our Guest Post Standards.

Guest Post Topics

Our guest blogging service overall caters to only certain specific categories:

  • Health and wellness related: Mental health, women's health, men's health, dental health, etc.
  • Fitness: weightlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, fitness gear, fitness clothes, etc.
  • Running: run technique, running gear, local races, etc.
  • Diets & Meal Plans: nutrition tips, meal plans, recipes, books, etc. 
  • Weightloss
  • Yoga: flows, styles, practice pointers, etc.
  • Bodyweight Training: Gymnastics, Animal Flow, Ido Portal, etc.
  • Mobility & Stretching: M|WOD, Corrective Exercise, etc.
  • Physical Therapy and Treatment Technique: Tennis elbow treatment, how to do Ober’s Technique, Stretches for the Q/L, etc.
  • And many more...


If what you really want is a do-follow backlink then just state backlink on your email. We’ll provide you a backlink to an existing article, and send you a confirmation once it’s done. Yes, you need to pay for the backlink.

Fees For Guest Posting

The fee is $30 fixed. Do not ask us to negotiate or provide you with a reasonable fee. Everyone pays the same and our fee is published. We don’t pre-approve articles. You submit the article. We edit it, and we publish it after agreeing on the fee. Turnaround time is within a day.

Copyright for Guest Posts

Health Guide 911 will own the complete copyright in your content (writing and media.) You grant a perpetual, non-revokable license to Health Guide 911 to share, edit, revise, distribute any of the articles you submit. All work you submit must be original content and media that you took with your camera. We do not allow any sort of stock or GPL photos. Keep this in mind, once you submit the post, we own it. We will modify it if necessary and publish it. You’ll be credited as the author upon request and you’ll get your backlink. If you don’t like the final article after modification, we will honor a takedown request.

Free Guest Blog Posts

We don’t publish guest posts for free. Guest posts take a lot of work to publish.

Do-Follow Links vs Guest Post

If all you really want is a do-follow backlink, state backlink-only and indicate where it should be inserted, and don't forget to include the link to be inserted. Backlinks are less work for you, and less work for us.

Product Review

We write product reviews for companies all the time. Our product reviews feature-rich snippet support, SEO-rich, and more.

Payments Methods.

PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire

Why Do I have to Pay a Fee to Publish a Guest Post?

We get about 10 emails a day that read like this:

Dear Editor,

With all due respect, I don’t understand why I need to make a payment, especially when I’m writing the article for free. If you’ll look at the article, you’ll notice is purely educational and it adds quite some value to the readers. I spend a lot of time writing the article, so that time investment is quite high already. Hope you understand.”

Free Guest Poster

Our Response:

Dear Free Guest Poster,

Like all businesses, there are costs for doing work. Apart from the cost we incur to stay online, publishing and editing your article takes time. Emailing you back takes time. Time costs money. Your article itself may or may not be valuable. If your backlink is to have any value, you’ll want to write a good article. If you want to publish an article on our website, here is your cost. We charge everyone the same price. If publishing an article on our website is important to you, then you’ll need to pay the fee. Otherwise, just publish the article on your own website.

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