Backache During Pregnancy

What causes it?

Poor posture and your growing abdomen can make your back sore.

What can I do about it?

• Stand up straight. Tighten your buttocks and pull in your tummy muscles. Good posture will ease the strain on your back.
• Do pelvic tilts and abdominal exercises every day. See post - Healthy Activity for directions. Doing a pelvic tilt on your hands and knees can help a lot. Here’s how to do it:
  • Lower yourself to the floor, on your hands and knees. Keep your back flat and your head level with your back. Do not let your back sag.
  • Tighten your buttocks and abdominal muscles, pulling in your tummy and curving your back up. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Relax back to where you began. Keep your back flat. Do not let it sag.
  • Repeat a few times.

• Be careful when lifting. See post - Healthy Activity, for safe ways to lift.
• Use a firm mattress on your bed and sleep on your side with your knees bent toward your chest. The left side is best because it helps your blood to circulate.
• Use a heating pad, hot water bottle, warm bath, or ice to reduce the ache.
• Wear shoes with a low heel and good support.
• A back rub from a friend or partner can also feel good.
Backache During pregnancy

What if none of this helps?

• Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist.

• Do not take any kind of pain medicine without asking your doctor if it is okay to do so.
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