Can’t fall asleep? See Tips to Help You Fall Asleep without Prescriptions!

Black woman can’t fall asleep
It can be pretty tough to fall asleep when your brain is thinking nonstop or anxiety has gotten the best of you, and it seems to only get harder when you're lying in bed listening to yourself breathe. Yet paying attention to that breathing may be exactly what you need in order to find a calm, easy entry into a good night's rest.

Can’t fall asleep? You’re not alone.

If you experience occasional sleepless nights, the following self-treatment tips for insomnia may be helpful.

➲ Take a warm bath or shower before bedtime.
➲ Practice progressive muscular relaxation while in bed.
➲ Don’t eat big meals or drink large amounts of fluids in the evening. Have a light snack before bedtime but avoid alcohol or caffeine-containing foods.
➲ Reserve time for vigorous regular exercise earlier in the day and engage in lighter physical activity at least 2 hours before bedtime.
➲ Don’t stay in bed if you can’t fall asleep; get out of bed, read a dull book, or watch a boring TV show. Return to bed when you begin to feel sleepy.
➲ Take an over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aid only as a last resort. Recognize that most of these medications contain antihistamines that lose their effectiveness if used regularly.
➲ Avoid bedtime doses of OTC pain relievers that contain caffeine.
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