The Right and Healthy Way to Walk and Run

Here are some guidelines for putting your best foot forward, whether you are walking or running;

Take time to warm up.

Maintain good posture. Keep your back straight, your head up and your eyes looking straight ahead. Hold your arms slightly away from your body—your elbows should be bent slightly so that your forearms are almost parallel to the ground.

Use the heel-to-toe method. The heel of your leading foot should touch the ground before the ball or toes of that foot do. Push off the ball of your foot, and bend your knee as you raise your heel. You should be able to feel the action in your calf muscles.

Pump your arms back and forth. This burns more calories and gives you an upper-body workout as well.

Do not walk or run on the balls of your feet. This produces soreness in the calves because the muscles must contract for a longer time. Avoid running on hard surface and making sudden stops and turns.

End your walk or run with a cool-down period. Let your pace become more leisurely for the last five minutes.

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