Guide to a flat tummy without losing the rest of your body

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Many women who come to the gym have one thing in common. The only question they usually ask is: "How can I reduce my stomach without losing the rest of my body?" Some will say; "My body is fine all around. I just want to lose my tummy."

Follow these instructions:

Guide to a flat tummy without losing the rest of your body

☛Exercise all you want but watch what you eat. As long as you eat sugar and fat, your belly will stay flabby. Concentrate on eating fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins at each meal. 

☛The general rule is to cut kilos and calories. Stay away from fatty foods, high-calorie condiments such as salad dressings, cookies, and cakes, and eliminate sugary drinks. 

☛Beer bellies are not a myth. Avoid or drink alcohol in moderation as it makes you gain weight around your midsection. The sugar in alcohol gets stored as fat. If you want to drink beer, limit your consumption to one a day or stick to wine. 

☛Get your heart rate up by doing moderate cardiovascular exercises at least four to five times a week. This works your heart and boosts your metabolism to burn excess fat and calories. Exercises such as swimming, jogging, biking, brisk walking and even walking uphill are good for you.

☛Twenty-five good, quality abdominal crunches are better than 100 half done ones. Perform four sets of 20 to 25 solid crunches while resting for about 90 seconds in between sets. Vary the exercises with ball crunches, reverse leg lifts, bicycle cycling, captain’s chair leg raise, full vertical crunch and plunks on elbows and toes. While these exercises won’t help you lose fat around your midsection, they strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, which will help amplify the flat stomach look. 

☛Drink plenty of water as staying well hydrated is the key to overall health. Water plays an added advantage when you are trying to tone up the tummy. 

☛Another key to burning fat is to keep your blood sugar stable. Eat small meals and healthy snacks on frequent occasions, like every two to three hours.

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