How to Make Simple Homemade Peanut Butter

Homemade Peanut Butter

On some level, you probably already know that, sure, it's pretty easy to make your own peanut butter. But if you've never actually made homemade peanut butter, I don't know if you quite understand how truly, incredibly, ridiculously easy it really is.

We love that you have the control — the amount of salt or honey is completely up to you. Plus, you can get creative. We make our basic peanut butter crunchy. Sometimes, though, we add almonds. And when we’re feeling bold, we make chocolate peanut butter. (It is seriously good).

Homemade peanut butter recipe

Yields: About 500g jar (give or take)


➠400g roasted peanuts shelled
➠Salt to taste
➠1-2 teaspoon honey or sugar


⏩Place peanuts in a food processor, cover and turn on and let it run for 4-5 minutes (you can use a mortar and pestle).
⏩Peanuts will go from crumbs to a dry ball to a smooth and creamy paste.
⏩Add sugar or honey, and salt.
⏩Transfer to a jar and store in the fridge (for longer shelf life).
⏩Next morning. Voila! Peanut butter on toast.

Health Benefits

According to a large-scale study from Imperial College London and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away.

The study was an analysis of current research and it showed that people who ate 20g of nuts per day have a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

The risk of coronary heart disease was decreased by almost 30 percent, the risk of cancer dropped 15 percent, and the risk of early death rose decreased by 22 percent.

Nut consumption was also linked to a lower risk of dying from the respiratory disease by half, and diabetes by almost 40 percent.

Scientists at Purdue University’s Department of Foods and Nutrition published a report in the September 2008 issue of The Journal of Nutrition regarding the effects that nuts and weight loss. Nut consumption may help weight loss as you will feel full faster and eat less. They will also lessen your food cravings.

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