Lip and tongue Piercing: Risks and Prevention

Lip and tongue Piercing

Lip and tongue piercing have been part of some cultures for ages, it was done for ritual purposes. There was turn from the 20th century, the lip and tongue piercing was performed for beautification up till today.

What are the risks?

●Infections can be easily transmitted
●Chipped teeth.
●Damage to the nerves or blood vessels
●Allergic reaction to metal jewelry.
●Increased saliva flow.
●Difficulty in eating or speaking.
●Possible change in the taste of food.
●Trauma and infection to the gum tissue.
● swelling of the tongue causing airway obstruction, swallowing or choking on loose jewelry.

Are tongue and lip piercing not similar to ear piercings?

It is not the same, the mouth is full of more than 700 species of bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.the chances of infection is very high.

How can I prevent infection if I already have lip/tongue piercing?

●Wash twice a day with an antiseptic solution.
●Rinse piercing with saline solution
●Wash hands before tightening or handling pierced location.
●Maintain good oral hygiene
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