Tips dad can use to put the newborn baby to sleep

Tips dad can use to put the newborn baby to sleep
A newborn baby can keep you awake all night. The baby will either be crying or just refuses to fall asleep. First-time parents especially are usually at a loss of what to do to make their baby fall asleep.

Neck nestling

Dads have a lower pitch and a higher vibration from their voice. This usually involves the baby snuggling his/her head into the space that is located between the jaw and chest of the parent. The parents' jawbone drapes gently over the baby’s head and your voice box presses against the newborn baby’s head. The vibrations will go through the baby’s skull and sing a lullaby will help your baby to drift off to sleep.

Drape your bare skin

Dress your newborn baby in some warm clothes then lace him/her baby over your bare chest. Put the baby in a position such that the baby’s ear is over your heartbeat. Your heartbeat rhythm combined with the chest rhythm as you are breathing and a bit of rhythmic patting on your baby’s back will help soothe the baby. This works well if done by the dad.

Crying is normal for newborn babies; do not get too alarmed when your baby cries. Moms associate a baby’s cry during the night with indigestion or stomach problems. This is not always so but if the crying persists contact your doctor.

A night of good night sleep is essential for the baby’s growth and mom’s peace of mind. Use the tips above to put your newborn baby to sleep.
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