Why you need to drink at least one smoothie a day

Green smoothie
A smoothie done right provides two bold benefits—uses whole foods and improves water consumption. The base liquid for the smoothie should always be water, over sugar liquids such as juice or coconut water.

10 Health Benefits of Smoothies

1. Smoothies are great for kids and picky-eaters

Picky-eaters and/or “supertasters” love smoothies, even green smoothies. I should know because I’m both. I don’t love the texture or flavor of greens, but by blending them with fruit, I can’t even taste them! And, in fact, green smoothies can taste quite delicious. 

2. Smoothie are nutrient-dense

Well, this is kind of obvious, but green smoothies are green for a reason. Greens have all kinds of nutrients. In particular, they are a great source of natural folate which most everybody could do with more of.

Green leafy greens aren’t the only vegetables that can be blended into a smoothie. Cauliflower and squash are great for smoothies too, with the added benefit of not being green! 

3. Smoothies are easily digestible

Blending makes greens easier to digest, especially compared with chewing. I further improve digestibility by gently steaming the greens before adding them to the blender.

4. Smoothies are portable

If you need food that is easy to take on the road, smoothies fit the bill. I often have leftovers from the breakfast smoothie that I pour into a thermos and take with me for an easy snack.

5. Smoothies are easy to make ahead of time

If I’m pressed for time in the morning, I’ll assemble most of my smoothie the day before, store it in the fridge, and just blend it in the morning. I even freeze the leftovers and just defrost them sometimes, too. (Have I convinced you that smoothies are the new fast food yet, hee hee)?

6. Smoothies are a superfood vehicle

Green smoothies are a great base to which I add all kinds of superfoods, including sprouts, powders, vitamins, etc.

7. Smoothies have nutrient diversity

You can add diversity to your overall diet with green smoothies, especially based on the season. In addition to rotating the type of greens I use to make sure I don’t get too much of a good thing, I also switch up the type of fruit I use, as well as my choice of add-ins. I always use healthy fats in my smoothies, too, which improves the absorption of the nutrients, as well as increasing satiation.

8. Smoothies have high adaptability

Outside of satisfying your general run-of-the-mill picky-eater, green smoothies can be really great for those on special diets, including those with allergies or food sensitivities. I always make my smoothies dairy-free, for instance. The key is adapting the ingredients to meet your individual needs.

9. Smoothies are a great source of plant-based or collagen protein

There are some fantastic plant-based protein powders on the market now, including the Sunwarrior brand, but can also increase the protein content of smoothies through whole foods like hemp seeds, sacha inchi seeds, or your favorite plant protein source. I’m also a huge fan of collagen protein powders. Get creative and experiment!

10. And, lastly, smoothies have high fiber content

Blended smoothies retain the fiber content of the fruit and vegetables. I believe this helps reduce the glycemic load from the fruit, too.

The basic recipe for the perfect Smoothie:

  • a piece of fruit – apple, banana or berries
  • choose a healthy fat – nuts, seeds or avocado
  • at least 1 vegetable – baby spinach has virtually no taste and works in almost any combination, or try a sweet carrot, celery is also a good option (and gradually work in some kale).
  • protein – although you will get protein from the healthy fats, you can add some tofu or protein powder. 
  • water – to provide a smooth consistency. 
Enjoy right away, as often these smoothies are fiber-rich and thicken up fast.

Quick and Easy way to do this:

Have a daily scheduled smoothie time — for our household, it’s around 4:30 pm. Make it a family affair by sitting down and drinking the smoothie with the kids. The sit-down smoothie builds great nutritional habits as children often emulate adults, and more likely to continue drinking a “green” based mixture. Also, introducing different vegetables in liquid combinations further expands the food variety and nutritional profile of each family member. The smoothie process is fairly fast but can be further improved by prepping desired ingredients in zip-lock bags and storing them in the freezer. Simply place one in the blender and add water.

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