Tips on how to handle visitors for your new baby

visitors to the hospital delivery room
You have just gone through a 15-hour labor and finally, the baby is here! As soon as you settle in your bed to get some much-needed rest, it is visiting hours and the first visitors arrive to greet the baby with a big bunch of flowers. Inevitably the questions are asked, “Is he feeding?” “Do you have milk?” “The baby is hungry…look she is eating her fingers…”

At the hospital

Decide beforehand how you want to handle visitors at the hospital by making a birth plan. This should include
  • Your labor support.
  • Who can be politely turned away if they appeared in the labor room?
  • Who to inform that you are in labor.

After the baby is born, to manage the visitors to the hospital room, you can
  • Send out the announcement of the baby’s birth after you have had some rest.
  • Send out an announcement without giving details of the hospital or room.
  • Ask people to plan to come visit you at home instead.
  • Filter out all the advice that will come.
  • Ask your support person to manage the guests.
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