3 quick exercises busy mom can do any day, any time

Woman stretching

If you are like me, a busy mommy or woman, always running around trying to manage a thousand things at once, exercising can be something you can only dream of.

But hey, there are actually a few tips and tricks you can try that will let you exercise any time of the day, for as long or as little as you can, and still, get some fitness and results in your overall body weight. Try them out and tell me!

Try these tips and tricks that will let you exercise at any time of the day and get some fitness in your life.

1. Spot jogging: 

This is just the way the word sounds. We all know what jogging is, and spot jogging simply means standing on the same spot and jogging! I do this every day when I am making myself a cup of tea, so every time I make tea, I also do spot jogging.

2. Skipping rope: 

My kids have a skipping rope but I don’t waste time searching for it every day through their toys. Instead, I stand in one place and act as if I am skipping.

Some days I do 100, some days I go till 300 or more, some days less. That’s the best part, you can do it as much or as less, depending on the time you have.

3. Calf stretch: 

Again, this is another exercise you can do while you are just standing in one place. All you have to do is stand up straight and then push your body upwards and raise it on your toes.

Make sure you feel the pressure on your calves. Bring your body slowly downwards but do not touch the ankle to the floor. Try doing this as many times as you can, I do it for about 50 to 80. It will help to tone your thighs, buttocks, and calves.
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