Reasons Why You Might Love Being Pregnant

Pregnancy bump

You may suffer from bad morning sickness and have periods where you feel like an elephant, but the joys of being pregnant far outweigh the bad bits. Here are my best bits about being pregnant.

I have a secret

When my husband and I first found out that we were expecting, we were elated. Part of us wanted to pick up the phone and tell everybody straight away, but we knew that we wanted to wait until we had our first scan before announcing our bundle of joy to the world. Of course, we wanted to tell our parents and siblings, but, for a few days, it was really fun to keep it to ourselves. Knowing that we had such an amazing thing to reveal to everybody was so much fun!

I had it all planned out

As soon as I found out I was expecting, I went into planning overdrive. I LOVE to plan things, in fact, my dream job would be a wedding planner, so I was really in my element when I was pregnant. Preparing for your first child is such an exciting time and I loved sorting everything from the nursery through to the perfect car seat! Like most new moms, the best bit was shopping for new baby clothiers and the rush of excitement at picturing my little baby in the cute rompers that I had bought.

It’s real!

Even though I had taken 3 positive tests, experienced horrendous morning sickness and a ton of mood swings, I still didn’t quite believe that I was pregnant until I looked at my baby’s heart beating during our first scan. My partner and I both shouted out “wow, this is real” at the same time and giggled for quite a while afterward! Seeing our little baby on his first scan was simply awesome, definitely my best memory about my pregnancy.

He’s going to be a soccer star

Feeling my son kick for the first time was most definitely my best moment, during pregnancy. Everybody had told me that you will always remember the first kick, and boy they were right. I burst into tears at my desk when my little guy first said hello, I am not ashamed to say. Mind you, towards the end of my pregnancy he sure was practicing his soccer kicks on me and wished he would calm down at times!

Being able to eat what want

Candy, cream cakes, lashings of peanut butter; you name it, I ate it. The absolute joy of eating what I wanted to eat, without worrying too much, was indescribable. I generally eat a healthy diet, as I am a little bit too health-conscious, so the ability to let myself go a bit, in terms of food, was so good for me. Of course, I was careful not to put on too much weight, but when else I can eat three donuts in a row without guilt!

Big Boobs!

My friends always laugh at me when I tell them that the best part of being pregnant was gaining big bosoms! I have always been flat-chested and often get really jealous of my friends, who have more than ample cleavage, but now I know the answer to my problems, just get pregnant over and over!

“You want me to put my feet up?”, “Of course I will!”

My job means that I am on my feet all day long, so being pregnant and HAVING to take breaks now again was just bliss. Rather than rush home to make dinner and clean the house, I was suddenly going home to home-cooked meals, made by, my husband and being told to put my feet up to watch TV, who was I to argue?

Every day is a good hair day

How amazing does your hair go when you are pregnant? I was delighted with my silly locks and took every opportunity to show them off, rather than sticking my hair up in a bun like I usually do.

I feel good….So nice, so nice, I got you!

For me, the ability to forget about the little hang-ups I had about my body was the best part. Instead of worrying about my imperfect breasts or knobby knees, I started to feel really good about my body. The whole process of pregnancy is fantastic and to see how nature changes the body to adapt to a little person inside you is simply beautiful.

Happy highs

The joy of being pregnant is infectious. I was so happy to tell everyone about my good news and you could see the happiness in the faces of my loved ones. It is such a good feeling to tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents, I will always remember that special moment.

Did you feel all of these things? Let us know what your best part of being pregnant was.
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